Can u add something that notify u that your building are full??

Hi guys today i realized that the game don’t notify you that the personal buildings in the stronghold are ready to send resources, i think that could be a good idea at least that the stronghold’s button shine when the buildings are full and ready to send the resources like the alliance’s button when you can make a donation or maybe put a red spot on it like the mission’s button when you unlock one.

Well guys that 's all!! Have a nice day!! :grinning:


PD: Also it can notify that an upgrade is finished or you are able to do something in the stronghold like upgrade another building if you want.

+1, they could make the conquest button flash like the alliance emblem does when you can donate!

thanks you remember me to send my resources. Probably full over days and forget them.

They completely fill up every 48 hours, just to let you know  :grinning:

Anyway no choice to let’s them full. My alliance where I am don’t have the gold to updrage the storage capacity.