Can uber chests contain food or gold? Duration 2d?

Is it recommended to fill up my gold chamber before i open a uber chest if i dont want to have gold in it?

The anouncement said uber chests do not expire, but uber chests from friends a only for 2d is this a bug?

Until now i never saw people get gold from Uber Chests only gems, pearls, items. Items are the majority of this type of chest.

I think only the uber chests that you buy have infinite life-time.

The uber chest that you get from the friends code has the same 2 d life span. You will only get good items plus pearls.

no food or gold in them only hero gear! Way better than buying hero gear from granny so if you can’t get someone to use your friends code and level up some using 300 gems to open it is not a bad deal.

I think you are right. Way better to spend 300 gems in the hope to get better gear, at grannies you often need to pay double for max legendary. If granny offered uber perks with great stats, I would even buy it from her, since then it’s guaranteed to get a great one.

Now it still is a big gamble since you don’t know what you get for spending those gems. You won’t hear me complain, the one I got for free I would have signed for before opening. An uber item that improves strength and protection of froster by 10% and even has way better leadership than my current uber item.

When my troop is war boosted, it’s nearly unstoppable. Only thing you need to do is use spells to eliminate troops, barricades and a few towers plus protect them with shield. Rest is done by drago froster plus dragon.

Fortunately there is also a backside to this uber chest. Granny becomes obsolete, since she does ‘only’ offer items with less statistics in comparison to uber chest items. There is no way she is able to offer better ones. Why spend 600+ gems on granny, while for two times 300 you have a shot at two uber items with much better statistics. Only thing is that those items are random. I heard from some players that they didn’t find any uber item in their chest. But still, even the legendary items have better statistics than the ones offered by granny.

So I expect that granny also is going to offer uber items soon.

Jack, you got really lucky with your uber item, i’d like to have this froster item, too :wink:
I and a lot of others (?) did get their uber item only for melting, from what i read in the chat.

But with these unique items coming up, a trading system becomes more and more interesting.
To prevent abuse, maybe exchange only uber items within 5 levels range, and not higher than
your king level allows you to have.

I indeed was very fortunate. I was hoping for a usable one, but this froster double froster perk with 10% improvement I honestly didn’t expect in my wildest dream. I even got two uber perks, the other had poison shield plus XP boost 15.9%.

Edward got also a double perked uber item… on paladins :mellow:. Not very usable for him at the moment, but who knows what happens when he maxes that troop. Still we can’t complain. It was a free uber chest, a very nice gesture from Flare. we can always melt them down for getting free pearls.

A trading system? Interesting idea. Only… Flare profits from this random mechanism. You spend gems and get some uber perks. Not the ones you want or other ones are better? Melt them down or sell them. Those unwanted take unwanted space and if you don’t know what to do with them, you can buy new spots for them while you are still in doubt if you want to keep or get rid of them . This random mechanism is meant to make players spend more gems.

Trading would make it too easy to get a good perk. What I consider a good perk, could be worthless for someone else. I would suggest to add uber perk items to Granny. At least you know what you pay for. When I see a double perk with great stats (like mine :stuck_out_tongue: ) I would definitely be tempted to spend gems to get it.


I have opened 7 uberchests so far and found no gear what so ever that is better than what I was using prior to opening them. I found like one or two shiny ones, but they had horrible perks.

I only got one, the free gift. Got 3 uber items that were better. I got gold bonus on my shoulder pads which brought my total gold bonus to 97.8%  (excluding the alliance). With all three items I gain 4000 health. I guess i’m happy with my new stuffs. Oh and I converted my new uber ring into a gold bonus one because I kinda melted my older gold ring by error.

I’m pretty sure Flare is punishing you on purpose with bad items because you’re a bad person.   :grinning:

I know :slightly_frowning_face: They did the same with the first introduction of skullperks, took me a gazillion tries to get them on three items. But being disliked by servers of Satan isn’t such a bad thing :stuck_out_tongue: