Can we get a detailed explanation of the new war system?

Since we have another week off without war, could we get some real insight into how the new war system is really going to work? I know we usually just get tossed in blind and have to figure it out ourselves , but that’s kinda sucky and there’s plenty of time now. 

We know there’s 3 more war modes and that the season lasts 6 weeks. We know there are 6 leagues with better prizes as you go up. There are 16? alliances in each league. The top team from one league replaces the worst team in the league above it. 

But other than that there’s not a lot of info. How are alliances seeded? How are alliances matched in war? Do you only play against alliances in your league or is it open? 

Im sure other people have questions too, and it could just be a good opportunity to brag about the new system. 

3 more war modes, and we don’t know about the 4th … so far we only know that’s the “most similar” to the old system, but not if it’s identical. Number of furies, recharge times, how long battles last … we were told that new system would’ve been more “kind” about having to wake up a 3am for a declaration or such … it’d be nice to have an highlight :slight_smile:

What if there are at top or bottom alliances with same scores ? both win/lose ? 
How long can be the war bonuses prolonged now ? 6 weeks ?



Youll have it in 1h and 38 min it seems.

That’s shitty 

With that I agree

So can we get some explanation now for how the leagues were decided? Why is red squadron in the league of mortals? They’re the strongest alliance in the game. 

Cannot participated. A ass**** leave just before the war. I have kick out one inactive for 14 days+ so 6/15. Some of you can post some screenshot during their War League. To allow some of us to see it? if possible of course.thanks

May I say that your criteria for determining alliance’s league is debateable ?

Could be possible to make ONE … i mean … ONE single ONE RIGHT UNBUGGED THING IN AN UPDATE ? One!


@Warriornator its f8cked up beyond any reasonable level, so dont worry, you are not missing much 


I want to side with Dheth on that. What did you use to determine leagues, weather forecasts? Why on earth are we with RS, one of if not the top clan in this game in the league of Mortals? Also, its kinda funny you based it on torches… Because our team of 40 is steamrolling 20-men noob teams again, although our league has much more interesting guys to fight.

I think we will have answers in september, after summer holiday ??

What it is?

It could have been interesting if all alliances were un ranked for the first war season and the leagues would be established based on how everyone played. This is just so, so weird

its especially funny because it took RS SO long to get back to the top ten and look at them now. They beat up on easy alliances for 9 months 

So even winning every time, it will take them (or anyone else that end up in the mortal garbage due to the brilliant algorithm RND they figured out) 6 times 6 weeks … 36 weeks, so 4 months to be back in the top league.

This is so cool and brilliant! It feels like the morning after you ate deadly spicy chili.

Issue exists and will be fixed soon i guess, so i wont discuss that one at all…  anyway, can u please explain a bit how those leagues work? We would like to know what for are we fighting? How much teams are promoted/relegated to/from each league? I see 3 green teams in some league, somewhere 2, somewhere a lot more, etc… who and when gets which blessings/gems, for how long… those are crucial informations for tactics we will use in wars, what for to aim, what is worth fighting for? Atm, even after u fix game issues and restart leagues, we still wont have any idea what for we r fighting…

Can u please give us some more insights?



Hey there,

Yes, it’s absolutely heartbreaking that there are such major issues with the War Leagues, after we spent so much time getting them to you. I have been away for 7 days (yes, I know it was unfortunate timing, but it was unavoidable), so apologies for my lack of responses to your multiple questions.

For us this means we will try and fix these bugs and issues asap, so we can get you guys the experience we designed, and not this horribly disappointing start. Please believe me when I say that we are very sorry and disappointed that it came to this!

Here are some answers to your questions:

  • The Alliances in Green will go up at the end of the Season (after the 4th War). The Alliances in Red will go down.
  • Each player in every Alliance will get the number of Gems stated next to the League they are in after being promoted/demoted.
  • All Alliances will get the Blessings listed in the League they are in after being promoted/demoted.
  • The Blessings will be activated for 1 week, and can be prolonged until the end of the next Season.
  • The individual cost of the War Blessings has been reduced to make up for the fact that it is now up to 9 Blessings.
  • League of Titans:
    • The top 3 Alliances will receive different rewards.
    • All members of the top Alliance overall will receive a Chest of the Victor (I will not yet specify the contents).
    • All members of the 2nd Alliance will receive a Chest of the Adversary, 3rd Alliance = Chest of the Challenger.
    • The top Alliance receives 3 additional Blessings, working the same way as the others, 2nd Alliance 2, 3rd Alliance 1. These blessings are designed to be more attacking in nature, rather than defensive (though they could be used for some more varied and surprising defensive strategies).
  • League of Mortals:
    • No War Blessings can be won, only Alliance Gold.
    • The only way to gain a reward at the end of the Season is to be promoted to the league of Warriors.
  • Alliances with equal Torch counts will be ordered by VP.

Feel free to fire more questions my way.

@CaptainMorgan what happens if we are in ML and get more torches than all of the alliances in the next 2 leagues? Do we still have to waste our time fighting 6 useless weeks or can we skip right through to the league we match?

What about RS being put in the league of mortals and getting nothing?

How works this ?

Once you are sorted into the correct league, which will hopefully happen soon, this should not be a problem. However, if you are “correctly” sorted into the League of Mortals, then yes, you have to fight your way up. The Torches for the other Leagues are always reset to 0, so you will most likely always have more Torches than them in the Season.