Can we get a list of how to get new Emblems?

My alliance won our last war but got no new Emblem. It’d be nice if we were told how to get new emblems.

Then we could start working towards them.


I’ve been asking about this since before alliance wars. I’ve asked in many official threads and no response.



My alliance has all the new emblems but the 2 I want. So could we get some info on how to get them Flare?

I believe it’s based on Fiefdom count. I would look at the alliances who have the sigil you want, and see which one has the lowest fiefdom amount. That’s likely to be the requirement.

I had a feeling it was something like that. I just really want the chicken emblem lol.


You could ask to top alliances, but they never been so interested to say this thing, neither for the wikia that is for all …

Actually, we don’t know when we get them since emblems are given at the end of a war season…

Not true.

Stronk kings unlocked the sun emblem at 70 fiefdoms (during a war), used it, finished the war with 71 fiefdoms and it was written “new emblem unlocked” (but we could already use it before the end of the war)

Thanks Flo :slight_smile:

Okay well now I am curious again.


We got to 40 fiefdoms and got no new emblem still…

30 Fiefdoms is the threshold for unicorn =D


After 30 I think the next one is 55.

You only get it when you win the war with max fields!

Some emblems can be gained before the season is over, but some you have to win with max fiefdoms to get?

Alliance Wars have been going for a while and we still don’t don’t know how to get emblems?


This is something that can only be cleared up by Flare.

There are not many emblems to work with so it would be nice if we could get some small guide on how to get them.


The wiki offers nothing til Flare makes it clear.