Can we get any communication on Suggestions?

So far, I have seen one, maybe two posts, on suggestions from Madlen and the devs since we were promised “better communication.” I understand that you may be taking in these suggestions while not posting on them saying that you have given the suggestion to the devs, but it helps everyone who makes suggestions in that subforum. If you comment on suggestions, it encourages players to make more of them. We always need new suggestions and I think that if you don’t communicate, then players who come here to suggest things will feel a little neglected by flare. I appreciate that you comment on Balance Change topics, but there are other suggestions out there as well and it’d much appreciated if you guys could comment more on topics made in the Suggestions and Improvements forum. Thanks

I have a topic I would like to talk about the nerfing of pets/beasts I just find it kinda odd a lvl 9 Ceres can’t copy a wolf! I mean honestly how long did it take after that did 15% of all player quit??!! And at that cost we should feel like we got nothing out of it! Why would I keep buying tickets if that’s what you plan to do with pro pets! Pro beasts gained as a alliance should remain as are! Otherwise what’s the difference between pro pet/beasts and regular!! And on a different note the spells nerf was a bad judgment also! Defense layouts are key and timing of spells to defense and wave layouts! Just because you people have crybaby complaint’s doesn’t mean you should nerf just a few spell and pets! Especially the most common used spells!

@wrath359, what does that have to do with my topic? Please just make your own topic in General Discussions if you wish to share something that’s off-topic

I don’t think it’s reasonable to ask for a post in every (or even most, or half) of the topics in the suggestion section. 


Well, I’d like at least SOME posts. Right now we don’t get any

Yeah, they could at least say if our suggestions are possible or not to be developed in the format of the game, so if it were not possible, we would stop always hitting the same button reinforcing a request.

It does not even have to be immediate, no one here expects this, but it has suggestions of years without answers here, that is boring and discouraging.

They can too take the suggestion topic with over 17 pages see my list and quote each of them and write if some are possible,maybe or not at all in just 1 post.

The problem is devs have their own vision how to make the game better.

its unreal for them to hear everyone here.

everytime is 1/2 vote for changes and 1/2 for no changesz

i know a lot of players who like 4.0 and a lot who dnt .


We really need more communication. Thus far, the only suggestions that have been replied to are the nerf suggestions. For instance: “Nerf Phoebe” and “Nerf Fritz” . Nerf suggestions should not be the only topics that get full attention

This is the way it has always Been. Like we are just talking to a giant VOID!

They have been responding every day except the weekends when they are off. You seem really frustrated with the game seeing how many posts of such you have made. Got to relax a little and enjoy the game, otherwise it defeats the purpose of playing the game right?

Yep.  Just watching my friends of 4 years talking about quitting and hoping some positive changes come before that. 

I have enjoyed the game and the friends I have made for a long time.  

And really, No they haven’t, We asked early last week for info on conquest changes so we could prepare players.  No response was given… so No, the communication is not much better than what it has been…

But I will just stop posting its not like it’s doing any good…

Honestly, just a “?” on every post that they actually read would be awesome. Takes 5 seconds and proves they were there, and it doesn’t set any expections on whether the idea is feasible or not. Just a mark of acknowledgement that they could expand on later if they feel like it. 

Hmm.  I guess the fustrations is rising for some as we are 3 days away from conquest with no ideas what is changing.   Makes it tough to plan no?

I thought as soon as the new cm came, there was lot of activity, rules changes, etc etc.  But last week probably was super quite.    Let us wait till Monday.

Yes it just a game.   But conquest changes it from just being a game to just being a chore.  Maybe that is why some are fustrated after 4 to 4.5 years.    

Personally I still love other aspects of the game and willing to be patient.   But 3 days left and no ideas or updates yet after promised of keeping us updated.  

Promises of keeping us updated.  (Fixing typo)

Hello there guys :slight_smile:

I do understand the need for confirmation on your suggestions and improvements. If I was in your position I would like it too! I am doing my best to make all your suggestions heard. But at the end of the day I also only have two hands. It would be impossible for me to get back to every single comment there!

BUT : This doesn’t mean we do not read them or don’t talk about them. Just last week we again discussed suggestions from the community.

I hope you understand, and we really value all of your constructive ideas and suggestions!

Thank you so much for it.



Why not create a topic by example : Suggestions We looking At

in this topic you take time to write the suggestions the developer are interested to maybe work on and add in the game by example

  • Pal Hut

  • Defense Layouts

in this topic you can take your time to edit and add with time you have read a topic. We don’t care if that take you 5 month to do it but at least something like this must be done. What you think?

of course its something you will do on free time only. So each time you have read a topic and the developer like it. You edit and add it in the list

I think many suggestions collide with each other, so i guess it is pretty hard to tell someone, which is currently worked on. But for sure, a little roadmap would be welcome.


Yeah, something like the Watch List would be nice. I think there are a lot of suggestions that have been suggested that tons of players would love to see in the game, and this “watch list” would also be another to communicate better with us and let us know what kind of suggestions you guys at flare are looking for

It’s not that I don’t think Flare is reading our suggestions or talking about them, and I can see that some them are even implemented. But the lack of transparency with what goes on in between is frustrating. Just do what warrior said and make a list of what’s being considered. 

Edit: looks like they already did.