Can we have another rank besides General?

As stated in title, having another rank besides General would be nice!


ATM Generals can make announcements, boosts, declare war, kick and invite


Can we have like another rank like e.g. Elders


One that serves as a bonus for loyal members, without the ability to make announcements, boosts, declare war and kick.


Allowing them to invite would be great!


Also RR should really add a “boosted by who, invited by who, announcement by who”, It sucks when a general boost/kick/make announcement and nobody know who did it!

These suggestions have been made already for many other users, you should check out the forums a little bit, specially Joekee’s list:


They are implementing “champion”

I wanted another rank to but now I honestly don’t know what they would do.


If someone was promoted and all they could do is invite people what is the draw?Imagine if you were given the rank of “Inviter”.

Not much of a reward there for the person who is appointed “inviter.”



But I am all for the second suggestion. Currently when we send out announcements e always begin it with our initials i.e.; I would being a message with “C:”

This would save me 2 characters. And for everything else it is really useful to know who did what.

I disagree Child. I hope they implement a rank for every feature they allow a Leader to perform.



  1. Invite

  2. Set announcement

  3. Apply boosts

  4. Promote members

  5. Kick Soldiers

  6. Kick Generals

  7. Leader


Adding this to the list :slight_smile:


Alliance - Create a ranking system [user: joekee]

  • Take kicking ability from General [user: joekee]
  • Create additional ranks [user: joekee]
  • Allow us to manage what the ranks can do (boosts, kick, etc.) [user: joekee]
    • Ranks: 7. Invite | 6. Set announcement | 5. Apply boosts | 4. Promote members | 3. Kick Soldiers | 2. Kick Generals | 1. Leader [user: joekee |
  • Create alliance messages that states who made changes to announcements, boosts, kicks, etc. [user: neverangelic]


Yes they are :slight_smile:

Isn’t champion only limited to 1 person? I hope more ranks will be given! 


Side note, isn’t Leader, General and Soldier abit funny? How is leader in the military hierarchy?