Can we request recount of points?

    So here is the issue. Our alliance Time Lords claimed  the remote village from our competition 10 minutes before  this last conquest ended by upgrading our watchtower to level 3. Our score went up and we were suppose to pass second place team easily. Yet their score did not drop by 21 pts it was suppose to drop after losing village and a field near it and we ended up in a tie for 3d place?  How is this possible? Can we please recount the points and award us second place we deserve?

We finished (and deployed) a tower with seconds remaining.  Our score went up by enough that we should have gotten to 1st place, but we still got second.  It’s possible the other team also had last second points, but there is no way to see the final scores from CQ for some reason (feature request!).

Edit: Here is a SS someone our on team captured of our thrilling last second “victory”.  


If it is by few pots I understand how it is possible - they could have started quick few towers which is 1pt each. But in our case it was suppose to be more than 15 pt difference… there was no special tiles available to claim anymore and I was watching the score change right after upgrade - ours went up, theirs did not go down


Yeah, your situation seems really strange.  Maybe they were scoring other points right around the same time you were taking their village?  I’m not sure how fast the scoreboard updates the other teams’ scores, but I know it updates our score instantaneously.  We deployed a 2 pt tower with 10 sec left, then grabbed that SS (which you can see says the CQ was “finished”).

Also, are the village/mine/library worth different amounts in different tiers?  They were only worth 10 points for us.

And here is a screenshot of the final scoring according to the overall tier leaderboard:

Do they count a tie for first as “both get second place”??

Yeah, ties will give the lower prize of the two (1/2 place).  

If it was a three way tie, only gargoyles would be given out.

Remote village was worth just 10 points this season. Was the WT upgrade both completed and collected prior to CQ end?

If you took the village and one tile from the enemy, it would be just -11 points for them.

ok if it was worth just 10 pts it makes sense then. My bad, it used to be 20 pts so I think thats where confusion happened. I was expecting 40 pt swing and it was just 20 which resulted in a tie.