Can we sell our bread for gems, come on.

if you dont want to fight, you can sell ur food. Let’s say 800 bread for 50 gems or 500k gold. That will balance the economy here.

That isn’t a good idea, because everyone will lower their raid which developers think shouldn’t.

well, my silo capacity is 580 only

@Maxisle - only 580? and you said you are a level 88 king without using real money. How?

i dont really focus on upgrading silo, you know.

People can focus on different area.  I used to focus on spells and troops, now defences


Times up, got 2400gems now, can buy 12million gold…it’s time to upgrade a dozen of skull towers


Level 88 king with such a low silo without using money is close to theoretically impossible.

Haha yeah…

It’s pretty obvious he’s trolling for attention.


He’s a self-proclaimed liar.

worst liar… hi dogwaffle finally we meet

Hi :slight_smile:

He needs to post screen for us to believe what he is saying

you dont need to believe. i am a lvl 31 king.

Trolls with scream ability never ending scream

I don’t think it’s too serious problem to insult him.

I agree that his knowledge and his infomation don’t match with his level 88, but don’t too serious about it.

i agree. everyone knows it’s not the truth, but people should’nt insult him for such trivia. after all, everyone lies sometimes.