Can we use different festival tokens at the same time?

Hi Madlen, 
I have a question for you. Will it be possible for us to use those different festival tokens at the same time?
For example, if I use the Farmer token, XP token, and Gold token together, can I get both doubled XP and Gold with reduced food costs by 80% for an hour?

Thanks in advance!


Yes! You can! This is the beauty of the tokens, you can create your own mini personal event for a few hours! Go crazy with the new tokens!

Nice! Thanks a lot for your quick answer, AwesomestKnightest! ?

No problem, it’s what I do :wink:  

For what purpose? i means for 1 or 2 hours only. Same if you have them all. Don’t worth use them or get them. its not for 1 hour this feature will change something. However if in future Flare up the duration of each token at 12 hours or 1 day now use many token at same time will worth it. The duration is a problem and don’t worth it. its the main reason why I don’t have care of them in Festival and don’t buy them. At the moment the duration will up for 12 hours or 1 day I will be interested.

If Flare keep them with low duration of 1 and 2 hours then allow us to get them in Chests or in COF or somewhere and stack over 20 of each. If you have 20 of each and use them all at same time. that will give us a kind of special events like a small community weeks. 

1 hour (or 2 hours depending on which you use) does a lot for you. It is important to have these tokens. I’d suggest saving your bread and XP perks for the next XP event, big time XP!!!

If the purpose of this token was made to use on the moment well its ok. I had play a lots of online game in the past and for me tokens or special scrolls are normally designed to give extra XP,time and others stuffs with a duration of 1 day or more. That allow you to play,leave and come back later and play,leave and so on… 

I have play recently Era of Celestial and reach level 340. in this game we can buy a watch timer and stack them. Use them to up the time to able to auto battle offline. So during your are offline you gain items,gold and XP

If really the purpose is to be activated on the moment. this feature don’t interest me at all. No thanks. i don’t see the point tu use them and play 10 minutes,leave and waste the rest of the timer. Its more waste than else. For me I see more a way to force player to play 1 hour and I know no one really want to play for 1 hour

Its ok its good for the one who see a positive note but I don’t see any. 1 hour or 2 don’t change nothing for me. I will not activate them and be forced to play and enter the game each 10 minutes because token are active. No thanks

Like many here I like to play when I want to play and not because the game demand to play. No thanks

So you don’t like the fact that you can choose when you want to use them… I can’t understand…

and what is with the argument that someone forces you to play? Lately everyone has been using it. Easy solution : use the token as long you have time to spare and disconnect. Or just don’t buy it ?