Can you attack this base?

So I thought I’d use some external/crowd help to see if the person is cheating/extremely sad :lol:


Basically, I found this person, king name “schlenkerkrell” just outside the top100 with very nice loot available. However, it’s been 3 days and I haven’t been able to attack him/her once. Moreover, the medals for his base are really low (39), it hasn’t changed much for a while and looking at the base layout, troops and composition it definitely looks like more than 39 medals.


Thanks for your help everyone and let me know if you can attack this base


Sorry if it should be in another forum or if it’s inappropriate, thought it would be fun for everyone :grinning:

341 883 gold , 9 trophies but only 71 medals and hes online too.For 9 trophies base I usually get 400 medals , weird.

I am not actually sure if trophies and medals are related (e.g. open high ranked base). But I am kind of curious if I will ever be able to attack him :wink:

Most of the time its related especially with high level base and for people who never open base.If he always turn on the PC then using mouse recording apps he’ll be online forever.

@Stanpa, This guy is on my Favourite list for a long time due to high loots and easy base but he is online most of the times and not sure how. I do get him once in like a week or 2 with high loots. Assuming he dozed off for a minute. But yes he is online for notorious amount of time. I had same doubt as you and thought of posting here but most of the times i check, his loot will be increasing so i know he is very active but I do have a doubt about how??? (also continously maintians or moves up with weak base so probably good in attack or uses his other account to dump medals to maintain).

 @deihero yeah, got that base on the fav list for a about a week, but still haven’t managed to attack it. Thanks for confirming my suspicions. I’ve decided to post about it primarily cos of his constant movement up the ranks, which is a bit unfair in my opinion. Will probably visit you today as I need to make only 2.5M tonight :grinning:


@Fii Nami Congrats on becoming a moderator :wink:

All are welcome to visit me anytime and I just started another 3 day shield too.

Yoohoo, finally managed to get 350K and 10 trophies from that base :lol:

Been trying to attack this guy for the past 40 minutes now and he’s always online

heh *schlenkerkrell* Always online!!! i use it for online trick. lol


He’s not particularly good in attack, used several scrolls and got ~20% in my base as a “revenge” after I managed to attack him on a rare occasion he was offline. He’s obviously using a tool to be always online and I can use him reliably to get bread for later.

Lol, how many attacks did you do today? Over 5000 trophies and Number 2 in the world! WoW! Go Sorin, Go :wink:

Yes correct Med… :slight_smile:

that’s good that he is always online and have lots of time to play… :slight_smile:

coz some other always online player already retired…hehehe

I think I saw Sorin advertise his alliance already on RR2 Facebook page haha , I’m not really sure though



Didn’t advertise it, just said ours will be the best, hehe :slight_smile:



I started around where I am now, I think on position 14. And yes, that’s how it happened.