Can you attack this base?

heh *schlenkerkrell* Always online!!! i use it for online trick. lol


He’s not particularly good in attack, used several scrolls and got ~20% in my base as a “revenge” after I managed to attack him on a rare occasion he was offline. He’s obviously using a tool to be always online and I can use him reliably to get bread for later.

Lol, how many attacks did you do today? Over 5000 trophies and Number 2 in the world! WoW! Go Sorin, Go :wink:

Yes correct Med… :slight_smile:

that’s good that he is always online and have lots of time to play… :slight_smile:

coz some other always online player already retired…hehehe

I think I saw Sorin advertise his alliance already on RR2 Facebook page haha , I’m not really sure though



Didn’t advertise it, just said ours will be the best, hehe :slight_smile:



I started around where I am now, I think on position 14. And yes, that’s how it happened.

I guess it was your make a wish foundation moment…where you wanted to be #1 for once and your friends granted. Then the laws of batting averages brought you back down. I just want to get into top 100 and then maintain it too… I guess max a month more for that…lets see.


so you need a alliance for trophy dumping? to be number one? sounds your alliance/friends and you are very very fair players,mabye.

Last I heard, everything is fair in love and war!

i heard it to.



Not long time ago was trophy dumping something bad and now it is celebrated because it has done an alliance?




Of course not, it was of course a one time thing and quite a fun one. We were curious how it would go. And FYI, after I got kicked out of top 10 by a different group concentrating their attacks, I got back up by myself. Also for fun.


Quite true. And as human beings, we learn from childhood to test the limits of the rules based on which the world works. Personally, I believe the alliances will add a layer of complexity to what is otherwise a fairly repetitive game and will add new challenges. But I might as well be wrong. For sure, everybody is entitled to their opinions :slight_smile:

Nope. Just being jealous as I dont have such friends. If you all really feel sorry for me… Please use me a dumping bin :ph34r: