can you help :'(

hello flaregames… I was playing ninja event and during raid my game hanged…i lost everything :’( . Can you help me plz. I used lots of gems to get 1st. Now all is vanished. Please help me flare I will not forget your sacrifice… Please help me :’(. Remove that raid from my progress. Please flare please.


My IGN: Vivek Saini

and this is another pic after hang… Please help me…otherwise I will die ? … Please flare… I am waiting ?


Flaregames team don’t answer here on this forum. they do on Olympus Rising but not here. You can try the support team and report them the problem maybe they can help you. for the link I cannot give to you because I don’t know never use it but someone can give you the link

Here I don’t know if its the right link :

thanks… I sent a request… Hope they reply as soon as ?

flare does not work weekends…so any problems u have during events are never fixed until after event…they r sorry for the inconvenience…hope the rest of your weekend is great

oh yeah its true lol never during a weekend. The first time I have heard that but you know you be surprise to see many big compagnie don’t work during the weekend its weird but…seem to work like that

:’( ? ? ?

yes but ninja event and all wars are enacted over weekend…its flares way of saying tough too bad you lose

More reasons not to use gems. How about players not using gems in ninja event? Then let the best player and gear win.

but somewhere down the road we all become greedy, and end up disappointed.


The Thing is we have to play with a stable connection on stable device.

@Alysea Similar to doom gates being buggy, I have frequently noticed werewolf howls causing a lag in the game. Especially the Raging Wolf. So it is wise to avoid large armies as well.

flaregames I will not play anymore till you don’t solve my problem ? ? ? ?.. I am still waiting ?

for replying to your request only,they take more than a day.i think you have to wait for 2 to 3 days for your problem to be solved.


By the time they do anything the event will be done… so I think you’re stuck for this one.

In the future I would reboot the device before each set of 4 you do just to be sure everything is ok.

I get funny problems when my tablet overheats as the CPU gets throttled down.

It may just be something simple you can work around. Worth a try either way

With CoF ninja coins it more the luckiest vs the most skilled…

I had a CoF crash on island 26. The only chest I didn’t get and paid twice (to open chest in this CoF) before this one crashed. Watching my rank drop and got 3 star in every island :frowning:

That’s indeed sad, precisely why they should include ranking list with number of fights as discussed in a new topic 




I turned in a ticket, but know it won’t go anywhere. My own fault for invest gems in a event so bugged. Flare knows of these bugs and they don’t care.

They need to remove ninja coin in CoF or fix the CoF crashes.

Guess, those with these problems are few than those who win…so FG won’t bother. Until and unless this issue gathers a lot of heat FG won’t bother.

last chance for you flaregames. Please help me I am still waiting. You did not know but I always invites lots of people to play this game ?

We have a bad habit of forgive Flare when this happens. Flare knows this.

Sorry and I know how you feel, but flare doesn’t care( that should be their slogan). You can turn in a ticket and hope for the best. I wouldn’t get my hopes up if I was you. Last event I didn’t care about rank and just ran through all Islands. I think that was the right idea. That way I don’t feel cheated. Love the game and the people, but Flare can be awful and the game buggy.