Can you put more towers at the gate in ninja event???

Worse event ever… 

No. I became more interesting. Difficult. Yes. Cool! :slight_smile:

Difficult no.

Annoying yes

It is really annoying. More so because of the frost trap put before the gate. If you use scream, you will run out of steam and control. If you don’t use scream on the frost trap, hero will die once you enter the gate area. Using sonic on frost trap and then going back again makes it a very tight situation. I had to let the hero die near the gate couple of times to recharge my spells and do 100%.

 What really makes these bases so stupid is that they are damn easy and you have to be careful not to take faster units or too many Cannons in the front to the gate. All you care about is those towers near the gate and you forget what the base has. I had to pull back a dragon from the gate to score 100%. It takes the fun away. There is not even a 0.01% chance to experiment.

Agreed, beneficial event for the players turned to trash.  Now there’s so much more ‘skill’ involved, at least that’s people who scored 100% will say.

did your hero cam work well at the gate? when my hero is near the gate spawn the cam focuses so small that i couldnt see my troops properly


If u cnnt raid-it dsnt  mean they need change event!

l really wanna they ll make it harder.

too easy now(


in war u ll ask ur enemy to replace towers from gate?

Yes I noticed this too it’s really annoying and it also makes it hard to control your hero

The ship islands are especially notorious of having an extra wide lens view/room near the gate. I could only barely control my hero there & missed several towers. It felt like my hero was under some kind of hypnosis.

Please clear your misconception & dont buy into that ‘skill’ bandwagon bullshit. Nobody really has a problem with tower near gate. But rather how outrageously missing one tower can influence your final ranking. I’ll give you a example - Imagine 33 guys in a league. 32 guys got all islands 100% & 1 guy got all islands 100% except for one with 99%. He finishes rank 33rd. Can you explain why missing one tower should screw him in such drastic fashion? Well… No you can’t, because its bullshit. 

Oh there are towers near gate during war too? Indeed, but does missing them make you alliance finish from first to last? No. It only makes a difference of 9 or 10 skulls which I could give 2 shits about.

Missed one tower on an island that gives +2 battles. Results in you not being able to do the last 4 islands. I’m currently 53rd in my group thanks to missing 1 tower. Come on Flare, come up with something more fun and innovative than a contest to see who can get all the towers before the gate falls.

Well, in war you have 10 chances to get three 3 crowns. If you miss them 7/10, it will only slightly affect your score. Above that, you can test enemy bases outside war to ser what their bases are like and what kind of gate towers they have. This while in ninja event you have 30 chances to get 30 perfect raids, without being able to test a base or see what towers are near the gate.

When you knock down the gate and miss a tower, you should not retry the island, but go on to the next one.

You should never play an island twice, when you knock down the gate. Continue to next island, since you have only 30 attempts for all islands in total. A retry would cost you an attempt on a later island to come. Only when you don’t knock down the gate, then you need to retry. So if you are running short on time, ignore towers and make sure to break down the gate (scrolls can help here!)

I was aware of these rules, despite the fact that I didn’t compete during first ninja event. I agree that missing a single tower can have a huge impact on final result on the leaderboard. But that’s no more than logical, when 10 players score perfect and you missed one single tower, you should be number 11. That the difference in reward is that huge, is indeed something to think over. Maybe reward of pearls and chests should be different.

  • 100% score --> All rewards
  • 96- 99% -->  a littlebit lower reward. Missing a tower or getting a crash still hurts, but no as much as now is the case.
  • 90- 95% --> other reward
  • 0-10% --> no reward

That we get less ninjas we can live with I guess. At least missing a single tower won’t result in a big loss of pearls plus chests.

Can u explain- why in Olympic games-  difference only 0.01 second - cost 1-3 place?

its too little. need all have 1 place? of course not.


so here- only perfect raid cost 1 place.

please be patience.

We all have opinion, that was mine one.

I saw many battles ( for example RLvs NA)- when totall difference was 43 sculls for example.

It was about some guys  thought same- what they need only 3 battles with 100%.

every tower matter bro.


Its event with good prizes.

No mistake and all will be ok

No good if All will win.


I’m guessing Flare figured the solution to the problem of everybody scoring perfect was to add lots of gate towers to try and distribute things a bit.

But they just made the event more frustrating and more unbalanced.  Luckily (for me) with a combination of heavily perked TC/Sonic/Fire I was able to charge ahead and take down gate towers easily, most of my raid was double checking each corner in case my troops missed a tower.  Running into those corners took immense amounts of skill, the likes of which could only be matched by 10 others in my league.

However Alesto in my league missed one tower, and for that he is down in 12th place (at the moment) loses 8 uber chests, 3000 pearls and 2 ninja’s, haha Alesto, you are clearly the most unskilled person in the game, thus deserve crappy rewards for an almost perfect 30 raid run against the Villain.  Next time you should raid much better like all those above you who destroyed that one tower you missed, because we are all so much better raiders than you with massive skills that we like to shout out on the forum as much as possible. GET SOME SKILLZ D00D!!!

I would be OK if the rewards were more generous, but I missed one tower in 30 battles (96.80% perfect run rate, and an infinitesimaly small tower rate) , but only got:

  • 3,000 of 5,500 (54%) available pearls ;
  • 0 Uber coffins of 6 (0%): I did get 3 legendary magic and 2 Rare Magic chests (not sure how to do % there, but it’s not even 6 chests);
  • three of five (60%) available ninjas.

If the cost of missing a single tower out of over a thousand towers is half the pearls, all the Uber coffins, and 40% of the ninjas then the game is too hard.

Make the rewards for perfection more generous, but don’t make the punishment for minor failure so big.  Then you can make it harder.  But the way it is is ridiculously hard.

Yes, I can. Those are the best athletes in the world who have spent their lives training for that one race.

This is a fricking hobby game that we are playing for fun, and if Flare wants us to keep playing they need to balance the rewards to the difficulty.

Perhaps you missed he 10% who get nothing, and the fact that the rewards go down.

No matter what happens in a battle you win gold, so event he worst raider with a crappy prince/ss wins something on a raid.

No matter what happens in a war you win skulls, and can get chests.

The game is built so no matter what there is a reward for playing, and they are scaled up or down based on the success of the raid.