Can you put more towers at the gate in ninja event???

Sure it’s not good when all players win, but that’s not the main issue.

Not winning due to a crash isn’t good, in fact it’s even worse and unsmart from flare their point of view. It definitely costs them a lot of cash.

This morning in my league (4k range) only one player managed to score 100% so far, maybe now a few more did, but that’s irrelevant. One person missed one single tower and was standing on position number two. The rest all scored much less, in fact some in top 10 were not even scoring any longer for more than 18 hours already.

I think a lot of players that had crashes will recognize the following. My crashes occurred all on summary screen, it froze, before having a chance to go to CoF.

Here some statistics:

  • 9 crashes in total --> 30% of the raids resulted in a crash. 9900 ninja coins down the drain
  • 7 crashes already before missing any tower.
  • 4 crashes during first 6 raids
  • First crash on island 1.

After the first crash I realized there was no way I would end in top 10, even top 20 would be not possible. Even the number two on the leaderboard, a person who missed a tower I can’t pass any more, even not by a perfect score. He lost just a few coins, while due to a crash 1100 coins are flushed down the drain immediately. The person scoring less than 100% only loses less coins. I don’t know what is worse, I think the player scoring 100% during all raids at least deserves a higher reward than a player failing to do so. Now a player scoring 100%, but who was unfortunate to get a crash gets just a handkerchief for the bleeding.  A 100% score for raiding should give a minimum reward, not a price in top 30+, equal to players failing several raids to score 100%. When a player doesn’t score 100% it’s fine with me to get a reduced reward like we get now.

Reasoning from the point of view from Flare this reward system is far from smart. For whatever reason a player can’t score 100% coins any longer, the possible reward has been reduced that much, that spending gems only is interesting to lower cooldown. For example to reach an island containing an uber chest. Players who for whatever reason don’t keep 100% score of coins, simply can relax and keep their gems (and cash) in their pockets.

By introducing a system where players aren’t rewarded based on a position on a leaderboard, but on percentage of progress, players definitely would keep spending gems. Sure it hurts that failing for whatever reason costs you a couple of (uber) chests and a lot of pearls, but when players know that there is still a descent reward awaiting for them when they don’t make any more mistakes, it still would seduce players to spend gems.

its hard for me read this.

I dnt have opinion about crushes, coz i never had it.

Flare must fix it.

But if u dnt beat tower- u will not get even 1 coin. Its really cool for me.

huge adrenalin i got this event! It was funny,

If i will can mistake it will be not interesting for me.


This event good for me. coz i couldnt make even 1 mistake! its funny and cool.

Who made mistake- its only their fault

So by your logic, probably one of your (VL) best war raiders Lorde Asriel can’t raid since he didn’t get perfect.  Stop blindly insulting people, I’ve seen you fail plenty on bases…

Cool story bro cromka 

I thought it was cool and funny and super cool because it’s funny and stuff :slight_smile:  

But in war if you don’t hit all towers you basicly don’t notice it in your score. Miss a tower in ninja event boom gone from rank 1 to 40. 

Cool comparison though although it didn’t make any sense. But i thought it was cool and  funny and stuff!  

the longer version made more sense :slight_smile:

I really wish people could stop comparing war and ninja event. Apple and oranges.

If he lost- its mean he not took it seriosly

Dolmio, Culi,Luay same.

Its not about raiders skills

Its about - r u take it seriosly or not only.

BTW for me- this 16 uber is shit) I can buy

I need only adrenalin in this event.

We dnt need have same opinion like u.

Or everyone need only say yes to u?

Apples and oranges where one mistake makes the event useless in terms of rewards.  A lot of times in wars, 99% isn’t even a change in skulls for that attack.

You’re a fool, honestly.  The 16 uber and 10k pearls is the true reward IMO and I’m sure he felt the same way.  If you get it, it’s a decent return on investment for gems.  If you spend 1k gems to get 16 ubers and 10k pearls, you’ve made out substantially.  

do you think you could get someone to proofread your drivel before you post it? 


We all have our opinion, i wrote mine.

seems u need be more respectable with other opinion, even u not agree


Its no need talk with u after)

You’re a fool because you assume to know the mindset of all players who failed to get 100%.  In the last couple of weeks, you have called people cheats and liars and then moved onto questioning their raiding skills, including those in your alliance.  Seems you should work on giving respect before you start receiving it.

The multiple towers at the gate were annoying, I missed a few, my own fault I am sure, and I would guess if I had had ALL war boosts as an option I might have done better, especially fire dragon. Having them on odd islands fine, but it seems that the became the default set up for the majority of islands towards the end. Personally I think it was a sad attempt by FG to make the islands harder … yes I am sure overall there will be less 100% scorers, but in terms of challenge the islands were no harder to beat. If they hadn’t relied on just piling towers at the gate to stop the 100% (two would have been fine) but actually made the paths and towers/waves you faced significantly harder then maybe there would have been more to the challenge, have us on our seats, close to death needing to raid to the best we can to get to the gate by all means, but just stuffing the gate with towers is a weak and lazy option, if nothing else make the gate tougher to bring down in order to buy us the time to deal with them.


I m fool. u smart guy

Idk what you are talking about, this was the most boring and senseless event ever. Since I killed Jimbob towers even with 10k damage SB in the past (gave it 2 uses per each tower), I knew when to run ahead of my army to have gates with 40+ seconds to myself.

There is no skill in it, no exitement and no adrenaline. It is simple trap for those who try to play without any scrolls and fail, to force money into Flare’s pocket.

I have had more exitement while helping my younger brother to win some games in LoL at low account level.

FG just tried to make more people miss 1st spot by adding more towers, hence - almost all the free players, who’s fun is in defeating top challenge without spending money failed and got nothing. Idk in what book it is “awesome”.

But most awful part here is - at least 70% of those who didn’t get 1st place, got either mid-level crash, or CoF crash. It is ok with mid-level crashes, only 2-3% of people who lost like this, it happens = either reboot your device more often, or change it. However, all the other people had a CoF crash, while CoF IS NOT EVEN NEEDED IN THIS EVENT!

You miss a tower - you won nothing already. Why the hell there is CoF involved beside that? Especially since IT IS WELL KNOWN THAT PLAYERS CAN CRASH BEFORE CoF! Just remove CoF feature before you fix it for everyone, then add it back when it work.

I’m very disappointed with this event. It seems more and more senseless and poor made. Keep up the bad work Flare, I guess, just another boring “ninja league” farm each 2 weeks, which depends only on disconnects.

P.S. I did all the perfect raids, got 1st place at 5900+, and I’m not telling that this event sucks “Cause I lost it”, it is very poor made, showed no improvement from the 1st one, and it looks like we have no hope now for seeing this game well-tuned one day.

People in our alliance who missed a gate finished in top 20. I got all gates I was allowed to fight, missed one tower and finished 63rd. So missing a tower but beating the gate with 45 seconds to go is worse than getting all towers but failing the gate? Some of you don’t seem to understand that you DO NOT have the option to sail on if you don’t get 3 crowns on +2 battle islands. You ship won’t move without 3 crowns, so you HAVE to refight. And then you will never have a chance at the last 4 islands because you’ll be out of battles. My big reward was 500 pearls. Drinks on me!

I have just one choose to say : if you put more towers, some people who do not have many time will lose, more that already. So the ninja towers and barricads are made for the less trophies and level players in your category so it is normal to find it easy.

i told- i dnt know about crush

I never had it.

Flare must fix it.


For u- its not adrenalin. for me- yes.

Is it problem? not

for u- easy

For many many part- it was not.

And not about crushes, but they forget about towers only.( of course not all)

i wanna more tought base only


don’t worry about towers next event they will put all 6 towers with 100% perked near to gate n PORTAL health will be lesser, if hit one firestrom it will destroy Hahahaahahha… No one will get 100% in last few levels…

then only u can c movements n ranking up down always in event…

 the adrenaline is after u finish the raid,  and wait to see if you gone crash or not… 

As others say,  if there is crashes still,  remove the cof!!! 


Its all of our faults for continuing to play the most expensive online game out there.  Every time we give them a chance they blow it and they only make it about how / what can we do to make them spend gems.

Did you know that if you get a disconnect you obviously cant get to the last stage, but Flare sure will allow you to Gem the time knowing damn well you cant play the level haha.