Cancel Current Upgrades

You know what I would like? I would LOVE to be able to cancel upgrades. This way if we have no workers open and an event takes place the next day (talking mainly about Alliance Party Event), we could cancel upgrades and upgrade AT if we didn’t have a worker open.

Of course, you would need a confirmation screen to make sure that you want to cancel. Anyway, I hope this makes it to the game!

But Knightest, that would mean if you have a full vault and cancel several upgrades you’d suddenly have 50 million gold that you shouldn’t be able to have! That’d break the game, m8!

(I’m kidding, obviously, I may have asked for this myself because it’s utterly stupid that you can’t cancel things in this game. My best bet is the “too much gold” excuse would be used but canceling things should and must be allowed! C’mon, flare!)

It shouldn’t be. Saying that you can get too much gold from this would be like saying you shouldn’t be able to sell items…you can get too much gold. NO! If you have maxed out gold in your Treasure Chamber you get 0 gold for selling an item. Likewise you get 0 gold for cancelling with a max treasure chamber.

Also, when you cancel you get only half of what you used back. For example: 8M used for an upgrade, only 4M is given back when cancelled. That’s the way it is in SWC (Star Wars: Commander) and CoC. Seriously, flare, if you want to get up there with top games, then you need to act like they do, have similar features. I know you already took the Necromancer idea from the Witch in Clash of Clans. Necromancer - Spawns Skeletons…Witch - Spawns Skeletons. Keep adding great stuff to the game. The addition of the cancellation of upgrades would be a great add

I think you were the one who pressed upgrade button and you did it with common sense. So you should realize that also no workers are available after doing so.

You know the upgrade time and hopefully also when next worker comes available. So ask yourself the question, why to start upgrading, knowing that an alliance party in your case could be possible and risking to have no worker available. 

The cancel button isn’t there for a reason. Say boost offensive starts today and you just started to upgrade a spell plus troop. Canceling the spell and troop would give you your gold back and you could do it then in less time for less gold. Sounds like the reason why it isn’t possible. I leave in the middle that flare hopes or not that players complete an upgrade for gems and then start another upgrade. Canceling is fine to me, but I would say that gold spend is lost. 

In other words, never upgrade anything because there’s a random chance there’s gonna be an upgrade event within the next 7 days. Forget 2 years to max everything, this way it’d take 20.

Nope, incorrect. Never start the upgrade with your final free worker, when you want to benefit from a special event like AT (saving you plenty of gems) is what I say. 

That an event can save you time and gold, so be it. Gold can be required by raiding and wasting precious time by postpone an upgrade, in the vain hope that an event arrives that makes you a little time profit, is not what you should do. You should not wait and care for any event, except when you want to upgrade AT. By waiting a lot of time is wasted for nothing, don’t do that. 

Most important is to have enough workers to keep upgrades going, when you can keep workers easily at work, it might be smart to buy another worker first. Having ‘enough’ workers (that is a personal feeling, for me 5 workers are enough, for others 20) is a must. 4 workers is minimum I would say. 

That one and final worker you only save for situations where it saves you gems, so why wait when you don’t have the gems for upgrading AT?  I only deliberately kept a worker free when I had enough gems to upgrade AT, despite the fact I was maxing defensive structures.

In fact I follow a complete different approach. As soon as I am not waiting for an alliance party, I always monitor my ongoing upgrades and know when the next worker is available. So I really don’t wait for an event when I don’t have intentions to upgrade AT. In fact I observe when the next busy worker comes available, but not with intention to profit from an event. Instead I use that info to make sure having the required gold available to start next upgrade as fast as possible. That’s how you save time and speed up upgrades, by not wasting time to collect the gold for putting a worker back on work. 

When at that moment an event is active and it can make me profit a lot, I of course use that worker for whatever is in discount and costs less time. But for the rest I honestly don’t care. The primary goal is upgrading everything to max, you should never lose that goal out of sight. 

NO! That’s not what I’m saying! Last Alliance Party event I had all 3 workers going BEFORE the Alliance Party Announcement came out. I would’ve been able to upgrade my AT but instead I couldn’t cancel one of my upgrades. This is why it’s important. Flare can do one of two things: Announce Events farther ahead of time (2 days would be a fair enough warning) or to add the cancellation button

You know any event ends always on Friday morning CET. So with that in mind, you should check first that a worker comes available in time before you put last worker working on an upgrade. When you don’t, this is one of the scenarios (missing an event).

It has nothing to do with the announcement, like I try to explain. At least that’s what I do when I want to upgrade AT, I check IF there will be a worker free, before I put my final worker back to work. I hold reckon with needing a worker for that purpose.

For that purpos flare asks gems to finish an upgrade, I know you are asking for a cancel button, but I think that’s the reason. Want to profit? Use gems to complete an upgrade

 that should not be the way things work. You shouldn’t have to make money off cheating your players out of gems. Like I said, EVERY other tower defense game EXCEPT this one has a feature where you can cancel upgrades. It’s preposterous to say that there is no need for one