Cancel current war

Please cancel this war.  This bug has now dragged on for almost 18 hours and is having a serious impact on fair gameplay.  Just cancel it and extend the war season another week.

Hi skellz,

Unfortunately, it is not technically possible to cancel the current War. We are investigating the bug and hope to have it solved asap. It is most likely an aftermath of the server issues yesterday. We will keep you in the loop via the Official Announcement section.

Thank you for bearing with us and your understanding.


This is very bad 25% of my team cant attack and you are telling me you cant cancel war. Ok maybe you cant but results shouldnt count!


As previous poster said, maybe you can’t cancel, but the results shouldn’t count in the season standings.  We’ve already lost one torch by only 15k VP due to at least 10 of our players unable to attack.  

Hopefully everyone will get some compensation, disconnection happened frequently last 36 hours, I’m sure many have lost furies not just from the missing 3rd hero. @Madlen


problem solved … a simple question, do not you think that a thousand gems as compensation is little for the great goddess Athena?

I did not received any gems ?

got few disconnection though but no 3rd hero bug :s

1000 gems isn’t worth losing the war and losing torches.