Cancel Upgrade Option

Suggestion for cancel upgrade so player can enjoy the event, which could be

cancel for free with/without portion of refund, of course if you were nice enough 

cancel using small amount of gems (25-50?) with/without refund. Instead speed up which cost lot of gems (with lot of time remaining), so this could be better choice  :slight_smile:


They won’t implement this. It’s one of the many ways used to have player spend gems which happen to be one of the way they get $$$ from paying players.

Also, giving back a portion of the gold would just encourage player to use this as a way to protect gold form being stolen.

Totally agree with this suggestion! Games like SWC and CoC have this option and it’s very useful. Especially when you upgrade something that takes 7d to upgrade and then 2 days later there’s an event and you have no workers! Unfortunately, as MrSchmouck said, they won’t add this cause they would probably lose money from this feature

Only pure cancellation no extra gemming or gold on cancelation