Cancel Upgrade...

They have the finish now button.

But I want a cancel button.

Sometimes i start and upgrade and I realize that’s not the right time to be upgrading, and I want to cancel.  I don’t even care if I loose half or all my money on cancelling. 

I’d love a cancel button.

Yeah and especially those fun times you start a 9 day upgrade 1 day before a event that would allow you to finish it in two


So right!


Soon this suggestion will be approve by fg for sure but minus the gold pay the moment blacksmith u can do that. +1 for maerique


I really hope they implement it.  Honestly, would be worth it sometimes even without the gold being returned.

Or hey! maybe they implent it but you must pay 25% of the gem value it would cost to speed it up! Flare likes gems :wink:

I are like waters I float in a mysterious ways!

Please you see!

Damn it!  Once again I need to cancel and upgrade and can’t!

This problem will be forever i guess

Maybe we’re not loud enough: