Candy crush ads


I’m a Computer user, i’m facing since a few weeks already, some news Candy crush saga ads. Once ads finished, impossible to close it except to close RR2. Once we started RR2 again, ads didn’t valide daily chest or upgrade time !!
And we got always those same Candy crush ads… no more new ads ! Before we got a lot of different ads…
Please fix it asap.
Best regards


The same opinion.
It is not closed by the advertisement of PC.
Reporting to management

Hello Magimagic,
Thanks for reporting. We are aware of the issue and are already in touch with our ad partners. We hope this issue will be fixed soon.

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Thanks Madlen :kissing_heart:

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I always say that I play this game since I hate candy crush :face_vomiting: . And now I am confronted with commercials for this. I am punished :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: for that statement :joy: