Cannon attack different units on offense and defense?

This probably has been the case for a while, but I just recently noticed that cannons attack different units when on offense and defense.

On offense, the cannons only attack enemy monks,  while not attacking other units, i.e. vikings, pyros, etc.

However, defensive cannons attacks vikings, pyros, and other units.

edit: is it suppose to be like this? I find this to be Very unusual.


This is true, cannons only attack mortars and monks while used in offense, while it attacks all troops in defense. This was done to balance the game, and use cannons as something that eliminates towers.

This makes cannons practically useless on offense.

how is this balanced? one knight can destroy a whole army of cannons, if there are no towers around it.

they also all get destroyed at the first choke point since all they do is take damage.

also, why just mortars and monks?

Cannons are pretty good in dragon combos or with archers, they help take out towers which complementary units like frosters cannot, example, LT, while frosters would take care of other units in the path. Initially cannons used to attack necromancer’s skeletons too which in fact severely hampered cannon’s ability making it underpowered, so I see it is fine as it is, making it very important to use a complement.   


The only reason I could provide is ‘balance’ and little logic as to mortar itself being less of a ‘living unit’, rather moving structure spewing bombs.

So, unless one is in an alliance with a dragon boost, cannons are not pretty good, which would  make them… pretty bad?? 


I have yet to encounter any player defense that has mortars defending it. while I encounter monks in defenses much more frequently than mortars, it is not featured no where near as much as other units, i.e. ogres or cannons.

while i appreciate the attempt to balance the game, it is very misleading and disingenuous to not having the difference in the cannon attacks available.

None of the other players in my alliance were aware of the difference in the attack pattern of cannons.

I wish I knew this info before I pumped all them pearls into upgrading my cannons.

I think I may just quit playing the game, since I dont want to waste any more time upgrading something only to find out later, and on my own, that it’s highly flawed


I use them only to take down the first towers.

Hi pepper1212!

We just wanted to confirm, it is exactly how KKStar described it above.


I support the devs… Canons in offense are strong, but you need a unit that attack all walking units against you. paladin, pyromancer,  archer somthing like that. I go ito the top players with canons… 

Dont forget that cannons attack the beast as well. They are still a very useful unit in offense despite only being able to shoot at monks, mortars, and beasts

Cannons are only useful as reinforcements.

having its range capped at 6, seriously hampers a cannon’s ability to destroy towers