Cannon offense/defense

I have noticed that when you use cannons on offense they target only buildings, but when you use them in your castle guard waves, they target units too?!?

I wanted to use cannons to attack the attack tent, but I don’t think that would work cuz it will just keep hitting the units (It has pretty low dps so not worth the morale cost).

Are the cannons meant to do this?

If so, then how do you use cannons in base defense? I have seen some high level players have cannons in their waves (I don’t attack them cuz I can’t beat their base).

Boosted cannons deal decent damage and are hard to destroy across path, they are the only long range unit that can’t be killed instant by a perked blizzard.

when cannons are in range of the tent, the tent is the cannon’s first thing to destroy, in my experience…

Just fought a nasty skirmish against cannons. Instead of my tent they went for my mortars so I threw out some pyromancers to try and burn down the cannons. Did not work well but they did not target my tent. Maybe the type of troops matters as offense cannons normally go for mortars anyway?

Cannons hit Tent if there aren’t troops or king around otherwise they hit your troops then your king. If you try to stay in line with the Tent (since you can’t go behind it) you’ll see that Cannon will still hit you but with more frequence will hit the Tent (do not spawn troops of course otherwise the test is useless).

I was pretty sure that cannon were targeting hero but there seems to be priority index with hero somewhere in the middle!

Most units will attack hero first if u r in the range, esp froster, very annoying if u r trying to regen hp.

Boosted cannons can be nightmare if u r using meele spells nd units, nd they r resistant to blunt damage. But they r not much of a problem if u hv the right spells nd units in ur arsenal.

I think boosted cannon bases should be concentrated around 3.5-4.5k trophies mostly used by alliances who don’t boost wold nd ogre yet.