Cannon’s shouldn’t be able to disable Spikes

In the lower levels of the game, Spikes were a great idea because they were so unique with so many unit unable to disable them.  But once you reach the Cannon, the Cannon becomes an absolute a standard for most raids, and the Spikes becomes obsolete as a defensive object.  About 50% of bases that I encounter don’t have any Spikes, and the ones that do usually have only 2 or maybe 3.  If the Cannon were unable to disable them I would use them.  Plus, if you think about it really doesn’t make sense for a Cannon to be able to shoot something that’s lying flat on the ground.

You clearly haven’t seen frost trap in action in combination with snake towers.they can beat the crap out of any king.spikes are extremely useful at higher level and max level boosted spikes are just need to place them in good position with barricades.but I do agree without boost they are not very useful.

Can you not scream past them?

I love the frost trap, but its a gimmick, and it’s annoying having to change over all my blockades to frost traps and then as soon as the bonus wears off having to change them all back.  Fuck no.  That’s just a nuisance.  I’m not talking about an elite bonus but about making it a legitimate defense. 

Sentinel is right, just scream and you’ll pass the frost traps effortless 

Really? I would think that scream would remove the Slow effect and allow you to Sonic Blast them all to death.

High level game play against a succession of spikes is hard. You only have so much scream boost.


And how far do cannons make it down a lvl 85+ base? Barely past the first choke point. Look at all the latest raids by DOINNO, mischreiber, and Flothaboss. See a lot of cannons used for raids? Me, neither. So traps become more than relevant once again. 

I haven’t played the game at higher than level 65 yet, but I don’t believe that cannons aren’t used at level 100.  And obviously this is going to have to be a matter or opinion or poll here cause I don’t know.

I could see your frustration with the Cannons marking down the usefulness of the spikes but really the Spikes are only really used, in comparison to Blockades or Barricades, when they’re boosted.  If you were to remove the Spikes from the Cannon’s attack then sure it would add a new level of skill, strategy, and variance for raids but it wouldn’t make much such since Spikes are considered a “building” and you’d have to even it out by doing the same thing for Blockades and Barricades since they’re in the same category of Traps.  You see what I’m saying about it?  It’d be great and force players like myself to change strategy and troops but it would mess with the mechanics and principle of the Cannons and Traps.

You’re right too, I only have like 2500 trophies so my enemies mostly don’t have Elite Spikes  :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m at level 86 or so, I hardly get attacked by cannons. Mostly knight/archer/mummy/wolff (three out of four). Probably mostly because knights take really good care of barricades, archers do blunt damage, wolff speeds everything up and mummy’s are great as a shield and spawn knights as they die.

That’s one thing I’ve always wondered. Why waste a slot on knights when you can just get them from Mummies?

Because they’re awesome against barricades and you don’t want to wait until your mummy gets killed?

scream would remove the slow effect and yes you can then sonic blast the spikes … unless theres arblaster waiting to die and heal the spikes 

you can always be a good raider theoretically Sentinel but during a real raid , not everything went according to plan , sometimes your blizzard are on cooldown , sometimes its buggy and sometimes you should be saving the cooldown for a few seconds too.

I am again telling you there Is lot of difference between mental calculation and practical raid.

As far as frost trap is concerned they are beast and those who are saying scream would neglect their effect must be facing level 5 frost trap yet.above 3500 cups most of us are using good level skull towers and firebolt towers.they can beat the crap out of any cannon before they even start firing.I like cannons in defence more these days.

I suggest you to make a video of you raiding a base full of frost traps and do whatever you are saying,so that we all can see.

If you are talking about physics, i think units should be able to hold the king on the ground and beat him to death, also silence him so he cannot call out his troops. Oh, there should be headshots too, arrows should be able to one shot the king.

Don’t forget, cannons should have stun effects. Lay on the ground for 5 minutes.

Frosters should create ice patches that cause units to slide powerlessly.

And Werewolves should be able to heal by eating enemy units. Dang would that be morbid.