Cannons & Mortars

I’m not sure if this is new but I just realized that every time I summon a cannon it always attacks all the mortars then goes for the towers is new or not

No it isn’t… It has been always like that, but it could be nice knowing the reason…

hmm… never noticed this never happened to me before

Yeah, it’s always been like that. So it’s quite useful sometimes to have the mortars as decoys for cannons :wink:

not for me, they are needed as tower crashers

On defence

i think this is related to Royal Revolt 1

in RR1, cannons (which started as ballistas, then upgraded to mortars, then upgraded to cannons) actually attacked other units

here they only attack mortars, which, in RR1, are lesser cannons


also, both cannons and mortars in RR2 are dumb; cannons only attack towers, mortars only attack units


Till advent of mummy the most used high level combo was always Canon + Mortars + arblasters/pyros.


Canons still are being used for offense by all and some use mortars including me in defense. It not only survives when a sword rain is used but also kill the arblasters that are so highly used. Try it out and you wont be able to let go of them that easily. Offensively though, mummies replaced max mortars i guess from level 3 itself.

I hate when the cannon targets the spikes when there’s a tower right next to it, killing me or all my troops. It should know to take out the immediate threat

True indeed. Especially annoying for firebolt towers and situations where pyromancers are nearby. Then the cannon just can’t get a 2nd shot.

Though, many mortars in a defense still seem to be most effective for holding up cannons (except all-firebolt-tower defenses).

Well, it’s part of defence strategy :stuck_out_tongue:

You should take out the spikes using your spells instead or just leave it , spikes(and blockade) are a good distraction to prolong your across path tower HP this is strategy  :grinning:

You could argue strategy but I think it’s just really dumb AI. It usually happens at a corner when there 1 snake tower 1 skull and 1 firebolt. Now I usually run into the corner and sonic boom to make sure I get the firebolt aswell. But when there are spikes underneath me the cannon should shoot the at snake tower instaed of watching it devour my health. It should hear me shout. “I’ll take care of the spikes.” 

lol well to think an unmanned cannon is going to hear anything is somewhat bizzare don’t you think? I don’t think in this game’s timeline that cannon would even have AI :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re just natural enemies. 2000 yrs ago (about), there was a HUGE war between them 

Mortars were a thing back then


Yup use mortars to distract cannons and stall them while pyromancers or arblasters/archers destroy them.

I think that the cannon always targets the nearest construction, be it tower or blockade…

and mortars