Cannot connect Facebook in PC

Cannot connect to facebook for those new log-in in PC , It started from yesterday. Many of my friends met this problem, But It still connected for those log-in before. please check , thank you 

I can’t connect my game to Facebook too, since yesterday.

I was about to make a topic for this. I was talking about it on my alliance chat and other members are having the same issue.

None of the 4 buttons to “Connect” Facebook are working.

Clicking on Connect button makes Facebook login screen appears,
but after email and password and clicking to Login,
login screen just disappears without connecting.


Hi Stanleun und Darkerion,

Thanks for reporting this issue. We will look into it. :grinning:

FYI - I just started having this issue also on my PC with Windows 10 exactly as described above.

succede anche a me il mio nome profilo è   <FRANZESE SALVATORE>   grazie 

Our members also report this problem! On Windows PC 10 and Windows mobile 10

Some people even cannot back to game! Because cannot restore it to a new device

@Sasch   I reported this problem one week before, but still not slove . please check … thanks

i just read the new post for new update for window. I try again , thanks

4.3.1 only for PC?

No, the version 4.3.1 is not only for PC but also for Windows Phone :grinning:

Does it work for you now, @mss73 ?

Now it arrive, downloading


… connected!

Hey @Stanleun,

Does it work with the new update for you too?