Cannot connect to RR2

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Hi Team,

I am not able to connect to RR2. It’s Saying connecting but never connects. Issue started post upgrading to latest version. Please fix the issue.

Game name- King Hi10
Device- Samsung Galaxy
OS Android

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Same here.:frowning: After recent update,once I logged in and played,after that session couldn’t log in on my account.I play mostly from my android tablet and sometimes from my windows laptop as well…It says “please check your internet connection” while my net is perfectly fine.
I even tried unistalling game and then reinstalling,and as my account linked to facebook,wish i can get back.but no luck.
IGN:Enlighten Ones
device: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0
os : android


Same here.
IGN: marmen
device: Samsung Galaxy A8 2018
os : android

Same on both my devices. IGN: Mithrin Feanor, Windows 10 PC and Android.

Here also. Can’t log in al afternoon. Neither do my members.

I also have not been able to connect since yesterday, how will I upload trophies to the ninja event? once again FG harming us …

No login here on Android 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows phone

Me to… But im not really getting an error message, but am stuck… - Wait, it started working again!!!

But it keeps loosing connection

Same here, no connection
ign:me king me
Win 10 pc latest version

Same here… started around noon maybe 1pm EST
Windows 10 64 bit, RR2 5.1

yeah cannot start a fight
It seems its a bug for bases not upgraded
eventually you find one that works

Honestly … this is moronic
you could have given away a rune and none of this stupidity would occur.

Same here. Windows 10 64 bit, RR2 5.1. Haven’t been able to connect for the last ~8 hours.

Same problem , says it’s connecting but isn’t able to ,version 5.1.1 Samsung Galaxy s10, android version 9 , user tearlac and Lord Tearlac at Ishtari alliance , I do not use Facebook, unable to log on since this morning.

Same here on PC with windows 10 latest update, RR 5.1.0
“Bitte überprüfe deine Internetverbindung” : done: 54 MB/s
Is this not fast enough for RR2? Or faster than allowed?

Same here, no connection for the last 4h at least.
By now it should not surprise anyone that we have not heard from Flare yet, but all the same it’s pretty disappointing.

Downloaded latest version… Seemed to work OK… Started playing festival and that seemed fine. Suddenly got kicked off server and been unable to connect on Android for over 5hours.
The consequences of this means losing out on earning the double chests on the first festival day and the subsequent potential rewards also. Then there’s the pal and guardian chests… donations to alliance etc. And what about the ninja event tomorrow?!


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Impossible to connect as well and no technical support available just few hours after a relatively significant update…
It’s a nice cherry on the top with the current pro league issues and recent balancing issues…

“Could not establish connection”…for over 5 hours.
IGN: Queen Bethy, iOS