Cannot fight Dreadnaught

I started ninja event as everyone else and kept on winning tge islands at 100%. By the time I reached last island it is saying 30/30 while I counted the islands and ships which I raided came to be 29 only. How did this 30th battle come? And I’m unable to fight the dreadnaught ship as the swprds have greyed out. Please help me with a solution to this. Is this a kind of any bug, and if it is, is there a solution for this?

I have the same problem.  I even counted my battles as I was fighting and it looked like I still had the final battle until I arrived at the ship and 30/30 was red and I couldn’t battle.  Limited battles is not a good plan.


Same with me.

The game disconnected during 1 of my battles after about 10 seconds. Through no fault of my own I now miss out on the last ship’s reward of another Uber chest, and obviously the worst is I miss out on 1st place rewards although all other levels 100%. How is this right FG?


They had given an extra chance for this type of cases check once


The battle is not counted as attempt only if you earned 0 ninja coin.

I counted the battles I took and it is only 29 with 30th to be made yet. But it is showing as 30 done already. I never raided a base twice. I completed it 100% at the first time only. What is the solution for this?

If you had a crash prior the LSU of yesterday, this still counted as an attempt unfortunately.

I never had a crash during the ninja wars or event. But it is unfortunate that I’m having this issue… I hoped that I would get a solution or atleast a better answer…?

I was going to rant the same problem here, but after I see this shit… nvm
So we’re fucked up by Flare again!

I earned 0 ninja coins from my disconnect. The offer they gave to all, 200 gems and an Uber chest, feels like an insult. They give me that and think it is enough compensation for missing out on 10,000 pearls and further 16 Uber chests. Really FG!!!

Maybe you should take it more seriously!!