Cannot finish upgrade


I have a finished upgrade (Hedge) but when I try to collect it, the game moves over to the Olympus Portal and won’t let me collect the upgrade.  I’m now stuck with only 3 available workers until this gets fixed.  Can someone please check my account and collect the upgrade?  The account name is YazSox.  Thank you.


People had similar issues before, here is the most recent advise we had from CaptainMorgan regarding the issue.

 Now, the guy that had the issue said that he removed a couple of decorations (placed them back into the box) and then reinstalled them, which forced the decoration to appear in his he could finish the upgrade and get his worker back.

Hope this helps!

Wow, it worked!  I don’t know why I would’ve put it in my inventory (didn’t think it was even allowed), but it solved the issue.  Thanks so much for the help!

So I did the upgrade came back an try to collect an this is what happens every time I try to collect it. Please help 


Hey @Frostyflakz,

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place the square in your base somewhere where it can be placed, not on the path, then click colllect, it’s a decoration so has limits where it can be placed

Hallo Team, 

ich habe seit Tagen ein Platz fertig gebaut aber ich kann es nicht aktivieren, seit Tagen steht fertigstellen, ich klicke drauf, dann geht die Sicht auf dem Portal zum Olymp, aber es passiert nix, es stellt es nicht fertig. Es beraubt mir seit Tagen ein Arbeiter,  den ich für 10,90€ mit juwelen gekauft habe. Ich verstehe sowieso nicht warum es auf dem Portal zum Olymp geht, der Platz sollte eigentlich in der akropolis fertig gestellt werden. Kann mir bitte jemand helfen?



"Hello Team,

I’ve built a place for days but I can not activate it, since days is over, I click on it, then the view on the portal to the Olympus, but nothing happens, it does not finish. It deprives me for days a worker, whom I bought for 10,90 € with jewels. I do not understand anyway why it goes on the portal to the Olympus, the place should actually be completed in the acropolis. Can someone help me please?


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