cannot like posts?

I notice I cannot like posts?

Unable to give rep to user…

Odd or is it a feature not a bug.?

Hi, Whatsago. I have that on my Windows 10 tablet.

I get a message that I am not allowed to do it. When I refresh it still has given the like.

I cannot do it either, Windows thing?

I don’t know for sure, since when I respond from my windows 10 laptop, the likes are accepted. I only have this issue on my Microsoft surface tablet. My previous Windows 8 tablet (passed away due to battery problems) didn’t have that problem.

It looks like the forum thinks I am not logged in for an unknown reason.

It happens when you have already clicked but our browser or internet is slow.

Ok thx guys?

I just checked my profile and it looks like it did like but returned an error.

This was edge so maybe that… thou I’m not changing as its the better touch browser.

I have tried many times to like a post, not once has it ever been acknowledged.

I just get the message ’ You are not allowed blah blah blah’


Windows Surface here too.