Cannot load new version and I don’t want it

I got it on my second account. So, I have seen it.

To say the most and least, I am not in love. The rewards are unbelievably low. The “achievements” are aimed at lower players. How exactly am I supposed to get 250 cannon towers unless I get it off of ninjas? No one uses them. Everyone hates ninjas also.

I am supposed to attack someone rated 1200? Maybe lower? What is the point? To gain a phoebe? We need 98 to get to the next lvl. On top of that, what am I supposed to do, pay you more to play the game? At least with Pro, there was a reason to it.

I have no way to help people that do not want to put money into your game. I have no way to help my alliance get anything.

As for leveling the fight, you have failed. The top alliances are buying their way to the top. All you did was create an environment where the mid level alliances will never get to match them. No matter what they do.

I love this game. I have been playing for 6 years I think. I have paid so others didn’t have to pay. Could love the game.

Huge money grab by Flare. Disappointed in you with COVID19 running around and destroying the economy. People need a release. You ask for money.

Hope everyone stays safe right now.

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It is pretty awful. Although watching the ones waste 1000s of gems to get more useless trash is rather humerous?:rofl::rofl:

You should be banned for 2 account man.
It will help u to not post trash at forums!

Your alliance dont need phoebe- its not a goal

A lot pf bases wiyh B towers around for active players
A lot loves ninja due prizes

So as i saw

You have no money
You have no time and desire to play active

But you want Flare made ur life funny fpr free

Very nice

hmmmm…knew at least one troll would respond. Cool…cool. I’m good.

Our alliance already has lvl 3 phoebe. Working on 4. I played pro every week. Money is not my issue.

I have the money–Donate the max each day because of alliance tower upgrades, Donate the max to conquest because of those upgrades. I have donated extra to get our storage to max with conquest. Don’t worry about me friend. I am actually in the first ranking on how much I have donated to my alliance.

I have the time…very active player. On every day. Interesting enough, when I search Cr1 in the game, the highest ranked player is lvl 2700. About 1000 trophies above you friend. Might want to spend a little more time playing yourself. Hard to tell though. I see three different accounts with that screen name.

Not going to respond to very much else. Not the only one with more than one account. I know others with 4-5. The game doesn’t appear to mind when I was paying to support both with screen names that are pretty much the same on the same credit card. They would be banning a lot more than just me if they did have an issue.

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Yes. That part has been interesting. It would make a lot more understandable if the rewards were better. I guess they just have to be the top of the top, even if they are wasting the cash.

I would rather spend the gems helping my alliance. I don’t see anything that would help them except the phoebe. I can’t even buy passes for other people anymore. The lower players in my alliance might actually be able to use the items that they are giving away.

There is really cr1 in game? Funny;)

To have second account is against the TOS. You might be banned EASY.

Anyway phoebe is nothing. Max howl us better)

Eh…we have howl also. Not impressed with the beast. I was getting chewed up using him.

I came on here to see if the frustration level with the release was the same as I was hearing in my alliance. So far, I am seeing a lot of people upset. It is was disappointing after getting rid of pro.

They ban me, they ban me. Like I said, I have been playing for so long…and they just got rid of one of the best parts of the game. I guess I have just reached the point that I was about to quit playing anyway. If it happens because of this…then so be it. I will save a ton of time and a ton of money.

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Good luck;)

Max howl is far away better then Phoebe.
Anyway both are nothing

You played so long and still low alliance, sad story about this game. Tbey should force guys to leave this low alliances and join middle and top after

Ha. A majority of us were all in a very high alliance at one point. All of us got tired of it.

We have built this one from scratch to get away from the higher players and the rules of the higher alliances. Not so low anymore. We have taken time to make sure that all players are fighting. Have a few that we are looking to kick this week.

A lot of friends separated when we left the top ones. Some stayed with them…others went to other locations. Most quit. The ones that are left are the only reason I play anymore. My second comes and goes as a way to help them if they need it.

Good luck to you also. I am hoping they straighten out what happened, but I see a lot of players going if they cannot figure it out.

None care if someone will leave

Some leaving some coming
Nothing new

It is interesting. My first reply was to blow you off. Then I thought about it.

You truly play to win. Not playing for friends.

I did it the other way friend. I stuck around and played with people that I loved. I am sad you never got that on your end.

I would hate to loose the game because it would mean loosing my friends.

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So game as it doesnt matter for you. No matter which changes.

Yeah to play with friends its a destiny for bottom guys only!