cannot load videos for free chest and upgrade

Hi, im a newby…just want to ask how to fix videos not loading can’t even tap the free videos for upgrades to be shorten and free chest or even boost…that happened when i updated the game…it says " your environment has not loaded yet…please be patient"please help me fix it…regards and thanks!

If you are updated to rr2.5 and working apart from ads.

Then… cloud save your user info.

Uninstall the game … install game run through initial setup and then select restore cloud saved user.

I get this regularly and I think its an issue with slow internet connections.

If you use windows 10 then install rr2 on another pc …so two pcs… and it will grab the app from the other local pc to reinstall so 30 seconds to get it.

on win10 pc you can create several microsoft accounts, and copy game on each

I meant the SW can be downloaded from another pc if its on your local network and not from store… not sure the multiple accounts does that?

game install is very-very fast, windows know that needed files are already downloaded for neighbor account

or you just can switch to another account for available videos again