Cannot press buttons during battle

Hey, during most of the matches, I sometimes cannot press one of the buttons in the UI. Seeming as though it’s stuck on one that’s already pressed.

For the record, I’m playing on a Galaxy S9. It happens in most of the matches but I cannot determine for sure whether it’s client or device-related. In order for this to happen, I just play a game and soon one of the buttons “freeze” and I cannot press another. This happens two or three times in a row in a single battle and I can mostly get out of this loophole by pressing the “back” button of the device.

Likewise, this happens on my Android 10 Samsung Galaxy S9 device version 5.4. Not sure whether it’s a device issue or inside the app.

In-game name: IGAD Empire

I can record the issue if desired.

Thanks in advance.

Glad to hear another Galaxy user facing the same problem… I use Galaxy M20 and I face this problem as well…

In my case, the buttons don’t work… However, the RR2 screen zooms in and out… Meaning, the screen isn’t really frozen… I cannot drag the screen or move it, or even press buttons, it simply zooms in and out in its fixed position… However, after about zooming in and out for 3-4 times, it fixes by itself and then I can press other features/buttons… Sometimes, I have to go to the home screen and back again to the game, but at other times pinching/zooming in and out multiple times fixes the issue…

Once it happened to me in the middle of the battle and I had to press power button immediately to pause the game as the ‘pause’ button froze too… then I unlocked the mobile and simply tapped on the screen few times and when it started to work, I resumed and played the battle…

same problem here but on the Note 10+
When it happens, you need to tap with 2 fingers at the same time on the screen and it works again.

That’s odd, I will give that a try.

I have the same since about a week. Extremely annoying. Sometimes I cannot press buttons but very often, the king is not reacting, he just keeps moving in the same direction. It occurs on every battle. As mentioned above, the best way to get the control back is to pause and unpause the game. I have to do it about 10 to 15 times per battle.

I’m also using a Samsung Galaxy S9. There is another member in my alliance with the exact same issue and also on a Samsung Galaxy S9.

I suggest reinstalling the game… Previously, this problem was very frequent to me, and after I reinstalled, the problem somehow reduced… With every new update and server maintenance, I feel this issue increasing… It’s very annoying when you can’t even control your own king and it keeps on moving in the same direction for like eternity…

Clearing the cache and force-stopping the game won’t help… Try reinstalling and see if the problem somehow reduces or not…

Same Problems here

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As my guys said its fixing in gadget settings
Was an update for Android wiyh it

But dont know more, never had android(

Bug resolved by freeing some space on my phone and installing the security patch which came out for Android lately.

I have the same problem since my s9 + was updated to android 10, but all the problems that have been said to me, when I am playing, the boats go crazy and the king starts to run and there is no way to stop him, and in events or being on the main screen of the game it goes crazy the screen approaches and moves alone, just by pressing, it is very annoying and exhausting sometimes, hopefully soon they fix that problem it is impossible to play, you lose more trophies than you win and all because of that mistake