Cannot sell nor smelt old items in the inventory even those unequip.

Help…I cannot sell nor smelt a lot of items in my inventory especially the weak and cheap ones…My inventory is being cluttered by useless junk. Please help fix this bug. 

Thank you.

ⒶⒷⒸⒹ・・・Is the item set in any of the item slots?

Hi enthropod,

Have you already checked whether the items you want to melt are still equipped with your hero in the different wardrobe slots? :grinning:

Thanks Aslan for the comment. The items are not equipped nor set in any item slots of the character. I have long replaced the junk items in question due to their low quality yet, I cannot sell nor melt such item.

Thank you also Sach for the assistance. The items are also unequipped as they have been long replaced by better stuff. With regards to the white frame, I noticed that it is somehow buggy as I often see multiple items highlighted for a similar slot (kinda like multiple headgear equipped) but would be logically impossible right? 

For example, check my footwear inventory. I’m using the merchant boots as highlighted by the white bevel but I cannot sell nor melt the low spec mighty iron boots due to some reason. The only presented option for it is equipping it again.

I think I figured out your problem…  You probably have  multiple gear slots (A,B,C,D,ETC.).  If you are showing say, slot B’s gear and it’s highlighted with the white line- and another piece of gear ALSO has a white frame, check your gearset for slot A (or whatever).  It might be unequipped in one slot, but still equipped for another.  Most people will use the multiple slots so they don’t have to keep equipping/unequipping their gear.  For instance, I have four slots.  A has my skull perk gear which I use for fighting in wars and conquests, B is my main go-to for regular fighting, C has food bonuses so I use that for ninjas to lower the costs of fights, and D is my “training gear slot”, where I test different things without having to ***** up my other gear setups.  You have to literally unequip an item in EVERY gear slot so that it won’t be highlighted anymore.  Do that, and it should free it up to be melted or sold.


Multiple items highlighted for a similar slot means they are being used on different sets. So yes, it is possible to have multiple gear of a similar slot equipped

The thicker white border on your Merchant Boots means they are equipped on your current set. And the thinner gray border on your Mighty Iron Boots means they are equipped on another set

You can check your sets on these letters close to your hero: 

Click on them and you will probably find a set that is using those boots and the other item that you don’t want anymore. Remove those items from all sets and you will be able to sell/melt them

Yes, that fixed my problem exactly…thank you darkerion and thunderbolt…highly appreciated. I’'ve been able to see the item and freed much inventory space.