cannot show the friend code entry when the Conquest Banner apprear

I heard new members of our alliance ask and complain that they can’t find the place and input their friend code. It happens every time before the conquest event, and be normal after the event. I took their screenshots today and found that Is the icon of the Conquest that covers the input location of the friend code, please check  …  thanks


Hi Stanleun,

In case the “Enter Friend Code” banner is gone (e. g. during Conquest Event) your new alliance members can also open the Friend Code Menu via the Voucher Bazaar :grinning:

You can tell them, they have to tap on the Community Button on the right (see screenshot A ) and open the Voucher Bazaar. In the Voucher Bazaar they have to tap on " Enter Friend Code" (see screenshot B ) in order to open the Friend Code Menu :grinning:

I hope that helps.


Screenshot A :

Screenshot B :

OK, thanks. I will telll them ?