Cant buy gems with Gift Card


I have a surface pro 3. I used a 25 CAD gift card in Microsoft Store. When I try to buy gems in game, it sais add a payment method and doesnt give me the option to pay with gift card money. Plz help cause if this issue gets resolved then ill prob spend another 500 on the game.

Brah 17 people viewed this and not a single guy knows the answer. Is it related to me using CAD?

idk sorry


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Phillip does it show up for other app purchases?

Otherwise context Ms billing and ask them they should be able to tell you…

Fyi I change regions a bit and this makes the payments options displayed change a lot.

IE a Canadian card could only work in the Canadian store not the us store.

Whatsa I change my area to Canadian and I didnt try buying anything in game for other games


From Google windows 8.2

1 launch store

2 swipe form the top or right click

3 Choose you account

4 Enter you gift card code, choose Redeem. Start shopping.

What William said. First enter your code on your windows store account, then go to rr2 to buy gems. I remember first time I did it I also had problems. Idk, but first when you buy gems (even through gift card) you will need to enter some of your details ( online windows account), if you have any troubles with setting up your location, in that online windows account you may need to change language to the exact language of your location e.g. if you live in Australia but the language is US English then there will be some issues. I don’t remember exactly as I did it like 2 years ago but once you manage to do all of it it should work.

Mag, I did everything, except I already activated the gift card and there is no option to pay for the gems with the activated gift card


I don’t remember exactly how it needs to be set up. If I go to game to buy something it will automatically take money from the gift card, I just have to confirm I want to buy it. So in the game, when you buy something you don’t need to each time choose the form of payment. It means, I believe, it has to be set up in a different way butI don’t remember how. I used google to help me out with it as I also had problems and thought I just wasted money on the gift card.

Do you have that online account set up with your information ?


I also remember I had some kind of issues with the first purchase in RR2 (it was the first windows store purchase ever), as I didn’t work in RR2 I tried to make the cheapest purchase possible from Windows Store, I managed to do it and later it worked in RR2. Idk but maybe it was the deal ? If you make purchase in the game you cannot choose the gift card payment option, but if you buy in the store you can choose it and later it will work afor all your further purchases ? I don’t remember but I had to do a small purchase in the store first, that’s for sure.