cant clear my inbox ??

After this war i cant clear my inbox !? I mean information about which aliance atack us , who came in aliance , who left , aliance wich call me to yoin etc.etc… I delete regularly and the box is clear after some time again same information ??? Are that hapend to anyone else and does anybody hawe answer ???

There is an ongoing discussion in 3.9.2 about that. This is one of the bugs brought by the recent server updates, I think they are planning to roll out a fix tomorrow.

aha ok thanks bro

Since the last Works on Server, the Chatbox is cleared everytime I go online!

@Ikarus1977 The issue should be solved by the recent update, please confirm if this is not the case.

Bro as infamous said this issue is resolved with recent server maintenance and yeah it has. 

Bro this issue is now resolved with lasted server maintenance. :slight_smile:

ok thanks 

Yes its solved