Can't collect my pro tickets

Hey flare, 

I’m not able to collect my proticket, when I’m clicking on collect I’m being disconnected 

Same problem here, I guess I will not be able to play in Pro events :confused:

Please let me have some feedback on this issue.

Playing on Ipad Air, iOS 12

Hey @Bladerunner2063,

Does it still not work? Do you always get a disconnect as soon as you try to collect your free pro ticket?

Could you also send me your in-game name please?

It works now thanx.

I would have answered earlier but apparently I am only allowed one post a day!? ?

Hi Bladerunner2063,

Unfortunately, new members are only allowed one post on their first day. After the first day, you should be able to post as often as you like :slight_smile:

This is a measure to provide spam accounts, but I will take your feedback into consideration. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you need further assistance regarding the forum possibilities. Thanks!