Can't connect to facebook, no pop-up appears

Can’t connect to facebook, no pop-up appears

@GalaMorgane @FTB @Archimedes please

Same problem here …

Keep clicking till it does. Had that very issue myself once. I just stubbornly kept pressing the button. Ended up with lots of login screen to Facebook but managed to reactivate it in 1 screen and closed all others.

On windows you can make a backup of the Facebook “connect”-file FBSDKData in:


i have the same situation on windows mobile…

I clicked the damn button something like 50 times. All I got was probably more carpal tunnel. Is Flare going to pay to fix that?

I’m pretty damn FED UP with Flare at this point.

I want to another thing. What i notice is that after a while (i’m talking about like 2-3 months) it automatically disconnects for no reason like there is a hidden countdown 

i got this yesterday. Its annoying. you must click like 20 time like crazy until a pop up appear. Seem to have a cooldown. Maybe a precise cooldown. I am back in March 2018 so since I got a disconnection twice. 2 time that happen. So 1 Month and half maybe

Happens the same to me, in Windows phone 10. Curiously, more or less at the same time the video ads didn’t give me boosts nor free chest.

Today, appears the message “No videos avalaible at this moment”


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