can't connect to the game

After a few attempts at a stage i can go no further and there is a 20/20 message why?


I cannot connect to play, how about you all?

Problem in the Server.

Everyone are facing the same issue.



Also not connecting :slightly_frowning_face:


same here


me to 
waitting how long???


45 min

The game has been down for hours. I’m not the only one unable to connect so the servers are obviously crashed. FG is radio silent!

My gold shield is going to expire soon and I can’t login to save my gold. I’d love to stay up all night waiting for the game to come back online but I have to get up for work. Is FG going to reimburse all my gold that gets looted? This is really a bad situation.

I can’t connect either, also my Fiance’s account won’t connect… we need to get on, i need to beat my islands & the game has been crashed for hours… :confused: please let me know what up flare, thank you :stuck_out_tongue: also great job on the updates, they have been great like always! 

  •  k1ng IT


Same here ?

@focalmagician 20/20 just means you’ve used up all your battles. You’ve gone as far as you can in this round. If you want to get to the Galleon at the end then the trick is to not repeat any battles if you only got 2 crowns but still completed it.