Can't connect to the game

Hi, i’m playing royal revolt 2 and it’s an awesome game but lately i cant connect to the game it says ‘’ impossible to establish a connexion ‘’ btw i’m connecting with 3G and my phone is ASUS ZENFONE6 also i can connect to other online games clash royal, clash of clans ‘’  but can’t with royal revol 2 

Pllllz i need ur help cause i really love this game 

Ps: my account name is : saitamaaaa

I’m unable to load the game on my windows 10 PC, worked fine all morning, then this evening it freezes on the RR II title screen with a green circle and the word CONNECTED written through it. weirdly it loads in my connected Facebook account. But I don’t use Facebook and the screen size is too small, so playing in this format is a no go for me. War season is hours away, please offer some suggestions. I don’t want to download and re-install in case I loose all my information.

My stat’s: Which I’ve worked hard to achieve and don’t want to lose.

Gold 2,159, 489

gems 17

pearls 165

food 800

Xp 5, 655, 676

trophies 1, 858

3x worker/ spell/ troop slots

daily gems activated for 28 days

donates 75k

player lvl 64

Leadership; 7,037   health; 10,051  attack; 710

Hi, i have the same problem :slightly_frowning_face:  and i can’t download last update…

 My phone model is : myPhone Compact 

account name ing game:  Mephro

There was a maintenance just now, can you try again?