can't find gold and small number of medals

I have not been able to find much gold ever since boosting my king +5 lv to level 80. How do higher lv kings manage to max their base with gold been so rare. Further, i see people winning the diamond league with 30k medals. When I do a search for opponents I only see between 1-300max. How do you get 30k?

Many thanks

it seems like you have to move higher up the ranks now 

For medals you should check via matchmaking people that have enough medals and good enough that you can beat those bases and save them in your favourite list so during league raid them (3 times only every 1h) for example i save sometimes people with over 400 medals 450 medals then it becomes hard for me.

Then to get high medals from enemies you should stay also at top leaderboard, there is also a system called Medal Bonus that allow you to gain more medals (only via matchmaking) depending on what rank you are:


rank: 1-10 medal bonus: 50%

rank: 11-100  medal bonus: 25%

rank: 101-500  medal bonus: 10%

rank: 501-1000  medal bonus: 5%

rank: 1000+   medal bonus: 0%


If you are in this placement you can gain more medals during raid if you do 100% on them and only via matchmaking as i said before.

Also even without medal bonus if you are in top top top you can get enough medals to win leagues also without medal bonus. ^^

I have this same problem. I began having to farm high-level open bases for gold. I got a Spell Package recently that really saved my ***, helped me compete with people my own level.


You can try this method (Base Strip/Trophy Dump):

Hit stronger people… It’s fun and good excercise for stronger bases in the future, and you see what stronger people do with there bases.

It is definitely not the trophy level. I went up to 3800 and the gold there was also ordinary. The ones with lots of gold are the ones with full elites buffs (including arbalesters) or level 90+ with elite buffs. It is very difficult for a new level 80 (lv 75 if I had not done that stupid +5 lv package) to beat a level 90 (because spells are no where near max).


Thanks for the tips about winning the leagues all.

Yeah, I was in that situation too, but a Spell Package saved my ass.