Can't level King


I can’t level my king. No one in the clan seems to be leveling either.  I have been tracking the trophy levels on the toons in my clan and they are all about the same as a few weeks ago.  

If I battle low toons so that I’ll win, then I don’t win any gold and can’t build up my defenses.  If I pick higher level toons, so i can win some gold, I often lose and then I’ll lose 3-4 times as many trophies as I would have own.  Most times when I click on the crossed swords box to start a new battle, the maximum gold I can win is around 20,000.  All of my defensive structures cost over 4 million gold to upgrade.  This means I have to battle 200 toons to upgrade one defensive structure.  

The game used to be fun, but it is becoming a worse grind that I have ever encountered in any game. I’m really thinking about quitting the game.  

I think all the upgrades are great.  The ninjas look cute and it is great that the King can be female.  

I think their should be some attention to the higher level player to make the game more exciting.  I’m not going to battle 200 toons to upgrade one defensive structure.  I don’t mind buying some diamonds, but the game has gotten so hard that it really isn’t much fun anymore.

So, how do I level a king when you get to the over 80 level?