cant log on!

It’s happening again this war.  War started, map opened and I was surveying targets.  Suddenly players in my alliance started “logging off”  Then I got kicked.  Now I can’t get in and I am getting the “Please check your internet connection” message.

I can’t get in, with 300MBPS dowload Wifi on my phone or tablet.  Can’t get in on 4G. 

No one in my alliance can get online.  I had one guy get in briefly, he saw we were under attack, and as he tried to activate blessings, he got kicked offline.

THis happened last war too.

Not fair to lose torches, if we can’t defend ourselves.

Anyone else having this problem?


appears to be working again now.  so strange that this has happened at the beginning of war two times in a row.

Was not working for nearly 30 minutes and then unstable for another 30.

If it has happened twice already, maybe you can contact tech support after the war ends so that it can be fixed during the 2 week break.

definitely will.  posted here to see if any other alliances were having the issue as well.  It’s bizzare