Can't melt gear from castle dialog

If I go to my caste and browse through my gear, why can’t I melt there?

I can forge, but not melt.

Because flare can’t be bothered to make things convenient. Or logical.

UI isn’t their strong suit. Or their… suit.

Hey, Thanks for your suggestion.

This has been on the “We want to implement this at some point.” list for some time now and we’ll definitely implement it in one of our future versions. Lisa

Hey @Lisa thanks for the feedback, I’m glad to know there’s some suggested things on the roadmap.

Could you or maybe @GalaMorgane tell us what is the roadmap with the highest priority features/bugs?

Maybe create an Official Annoucement/General Discussion here on the forum?

It would be really useful for the community, it could give us a better overview after all.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks @Lisa

Agreed with @ShadowsGuardian, give us a roadmap of what’s on the table, what’s not, and what’s near the edge. It will make better feedback from us and we won’t need these oft repeated posts. 

In general you don’t need them, because I read every topic in the forum for ~4 years now. :slight_smile:

To prevent doubled suggestions it could be good to update the Suggestion and Improvement List regularly/ to create a new one.  

I can totally understand, that you want to have a list of things we are planning to implement. The problem is: this list is (really!) long and changing all the time, so it wouldn’t make sense to post it here. It can be on the list and won’t get implemented in the next years, because we have some other stuff where we think, it’s more important. I hope you can understand that.

Yes, I’m also a developer and I totally understand how things can change suddenly because of other tasks getting an higher/urgent priority  :slight_smile:

But wouldn’t a WorkInProgress list be achievable?

This list could also be only updated once a month for better accuracy.

At least that would be closer to reality and isn’t ever-changing, right? 


@Lisa Honestly I don’t even care if it’s updated or subject to change or anything, I just want to see what’s on the list for consideration

Even if we would have a monthly list it would be most likely outdated after 1-2 days.

I think the situation will change a lot now, with more devs being active in the forum and answering in different threads. It will give everyone a good overview about suggestions we like and new features we will implement.

Good because over 4 years the list of suggested thing is very very long. You can see here what requested the most. My post at page 15 who list all of them :



Plz make a refresh ?

you have right. I will take 1 hour and check and update the list

Edit : Done :slight_smile:

I definitely understand how difficult it is to maintain a backlog, particularly with prioritization, etc (I’ve had to do this myself).  However, the user base currently has little/no insight into what is/isn’t on the list so folks get frustrated since they don’t know if their requests are being ignored or are in-progress or are just on a ‘nice to have’ list somewhere. 

Perhaps a middle ground would be to have a request list that the users can vote.  The list would be sorted by vote count and this list could be one input into your work item backlog.  You could then prioritize replying to the high vote count requests with whatever response is applicable (great idea - we’re making this a high pri item, nope we’re not going to do this, we’ll add this to the list as a low priority item, this item is now in-development, this item has now been implemented, etc).  


Yeah, we’re not asking for, nor do we expect much. But a lot of us would like some idea of what’s being considered even if we know it’s subject to change.

yeah, something like the Watch List

In general you have a “request list” like this. And we’re reading it, so it is definitely in our backlog. What could help is starting the list again with a survey (which needs to be updated regularly), so we have an overview about the priority from your side.