can't open players profile

when a player request to join the alliance there is no sign near his name so i have to go search for him in the trophies and some players have wired ass names that can’t be written 

so if you could add the (!) near the name when a player ask to join or leave the alliance or get kicked from it that would be great

All of that stuff got broken when they changed the messenger, but they said it will be fixed in the next version. It’s super annoying right now, though. 

I hope that also settle Zeus, because it is really embarrassing for how disgusting, the sad thing is that they also ask for gems and then money to have the privilege of using a loser. I do not know in what strange world they live, because in the normal world nobody likes to pay to have the worst of the worst … I hope they wake up quickly and return to reality, where you pay for good things and not crap

War every other week has made the game stale.  Odyssey is unfulfilling…a pittance of rewards for huge investment of time.  Titan chests are bad investments.  I only play when we have war and now clan mates are leaving the game.  #Makeolympusrisingfunagain.  #Gamershaveotheroptions.

war matchmaking needs improvement as well, average player level should matter   Not trophy count   


Trophies have nothing to do with current war matchmaking. And the new update is like a month away.