cant play bugged patch?

Trying to open game on android but it only redirects me to play store where there is no update. For soon 2 hours now



Please wait until the update is released on the store so you can update the game, it should work at this moment :slight_smile:

When will it be out??



It has been released already, depending on the store and the country it may take up to a few hours before it is available.

android updating now :slight_smile:

I still do not have the Android or Windows version, iOS works though (on the German store).

really Aether i have just updated mine android may be you should move to Mexico if you want android update first :wink:

In norway ios updated but not android huhu I prefer my phone over ipad

Been 5 hours already, I’m in UK and I play on Windows. Please don’t make it be midnight before it’s released.

The joys of being a Windows user in the US… I Woke up early today, excited about my new 750K alliance tower…

and have been waiting ever since. I don’t recall other updates being this unsynchronized. It’s literally like waiting for Santa, when I was a child.

i also dont have the update… :slightly_frowning_face:

Windows users I put some steps here: