Can't Play or Update on iPad

Once again an update is announced on the game on iPad and forces you to the Apple Store and won’t let you play, but when you go to the Apple Store there is no update.

That means iPad users can’t play the 3.8 version, and can’t get the 3.9 version. This has happened quite often the past few updates.


The update may take some time to go live on all platforms. So it might be that the update is not available for you just yet.

That is unresponsive to the issue I raised.  

The game is unplayable on an iPad because when you load the game it forces you to the Apple Store to update the game. However, there is no update to click on. That means _the game is not playable on the iPad _because it will not load.

I have no issue with waiting for the 3.9 update to load in the Store, but I do have an issue with not being able to play 3.8 until 3.9 is available in the store.

I have an iPad and after I refreshed the update page it appeared 

Thank you. @Wych. That was very helpful, and more evidence of how helpful the Flare customers are on this forum.

For others who may have this issue, go to the UPDATES tab on the Apple Store and if you don’t see the update simply swipe down on the screen and it will refresh.

still it don’t work on facebook using win 10 and pc