can't restore account from OneDrive

Germany: 1. acer switch 3 - Windows Pro 10 (1803 Bulid: 17134.254)

After reinstall RR2 I can not restore my account from OneDrive, what works until the update to 4.1

My allied friends are also unable to recover their account. Synchronization from OneDrive and FB has no effect either.

If you can’t recover your account from OneDrive, you need to install the game again and then contact support. Here are the steps you should follow in order to get your account back:

  1. Contact support through this link

  2. Label your problem and describe it

  3. Give them the name of your new account so that flare can overwrite the new account for your old one

  4. Give them any information you know about your old account. For instance: Hero Level, Approximate amount of gems you last had, and some building and troop levels. This is very important, cause flare needs to verify that it is actually your account

After you send this ticket in to support, they will get back to you soon and you should have your account back in a few days

Thank you AwesomestKnightest,

I have used the acer only for the free chests because they don’t worked on my Lumia 650 (wich is my main device to play RR2) and because they work on the Lumia 650 the last week I must say I forgot a little about my post…

But after they stopped working since three days(no videos available) this issue comes back and I just don’t won’t to do anything in case of the running Conquest.

so after the Conquest is “over” I tried to fix the problem with the free chests.

I still can’t restore my account via OneDrive on my acer switch 3(latest update from the patchday on the 12.09.2018)

The seconde thing I tried was to install RR2 on my old Lumia 640 with win10 (If necessary I will tell you the Build number later) and was happy that I was able to get my account back and more happy that the Videos works as well!

Because of that I wanted to do the same today in the morning.

So I uninstall RR2 and install it again an I can not restore it like with my acer switch 3.

Lumia 650 win10 build 1709(also with the latest PatchDay Update from the 12.09.2018)

So this must be I kind of a bug, yes probably will have to connect flare but with a working onedrive i think it would be also easier and less work for flare and also less stress for the player.


And at the and I’m wondering how it could be that yesterday I have two devices a Lumia 640 and a Lumia 650 running with the same account in the same Network and on the Lumia 640 the free Videos are working ( i watched about 6-8 in a row) and on the Lumia 650 they won’t work all the time. So how could it be a problem with the provider like flare said? Two devices one account and the same Network(WifiConnection)?


Thanks for your help…



After several times I get it by myself solved by trying and uninstall and install it again and again.




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Okay, done. :grinning: