Can't scroll through Hall of Fame

Since the new update which fixed a lot of the other issues, I ran into one bug. If you go into the Hall of Fame, the Gold Arrows to go up and down do not work. Thanks.

This is the PLAYER Hall of Fame not Alliance. Alliance one works.

Issue is known and will be fixed as soon as possible. :grinning:


Where is the Player Hall of Fame now? I can’t find it since the new version started. Only the Alliance one.

You just have to tap on the trophy icon at the top right of your screen. :slight_smile:

Eagerly waiting ? Thank u! This is our best way of getting members in. ??

Guys, we really need update. People leaving the clan, and I can not invite new people. We are now so small that we can not participate in the battles

yes please fix this!


Hi guys,

This will be fixed with an incoming version of the game (not a live server update).

We will keep you updated. :grinning: