Cant see granny beast

IGN : Soilwk

Fluffy took a potty break ?

Seriously though, he is working for me at the moment.


Hi Soilwk,

What kind of device do you use?

Probably an iPotato… or an Android Potato Edition

Lumia 640 windows 10 mobile

Hi everyone,

Thank @Sasch to make a solution at our problem.

I have this bug too on my phone, and like @soilwk, I use WP Lumia 830 (W10 mobile).

So, for me, it’s not a really bug…granny with or without kaiser is not a big change on the kingdom ^^

I have this same issue on a Windows 10 Lumia 830. But have found if you click in the general area Granny opens (if your lucky)

Not many devs care much about Windows mobile or even Windows platforms anymore to be honest.


the missing beast is not a bug, it is a change we had to implement to continue supporting low-memory devices. I just double-checked with our database and both the Lumia 830 and the 640 are considered low-memory since Windows 10 requires more RAM than 8.1.

Thank you @Rina for your answer. As you said it, effectively, Lumia phones are devices with less RAM and especially since the new update 4.0 (and little before).

The best moment to see the lag (for me), actually, is when the ninjas appeare at the start on the way   It takes 2 secondes for my phone to have a normal gameplay…it freeze few seconds, and go normal.
Same thing when I make a big army, the touching to call troop is not responsing all times, and it’s very difficult to follow like this. It’s for this reason that I have stopped donjons because a big army is necessary to win, and i can’t call more troops at the good time :slightly_frowning_face:

And I think it will be very harder in the next months too…