Can't sell a weapon

I have items in my inventory that i can’t sell or melt in blacksmith. This items highlits white and there is no button to sell, only to dress it.

I want to get rid of it, could you help me?

check A B C

in one of them you select and use it

Again Flaregames forgot to add a useful information in official announcement for version 2.6.0 with Wardrobe and now everyone create a topic about this

Here its the good place, everyone who have this problem can now see the solution

First its because you have put your items in A,B or C. When a items is put there that allow to protect it. You cannot sell it by mistake. If you want to sell it remove it from A,B or C and now you can sell it


Yes, they should have mentioned this.


But, this is a very useful feature, prevents selling or melting gear you use.